The New Chicken Coop is Close To Completion! ( least, closer)

Our new Chicken Coop... ahem.... "Chicken Palace" is getting closer to a move-in date. We are all anxiously awaiting the completion of this particular "honey do" chore. The chickens are currently in the red coop that you see in the photo above. It's small and the outdoor coop is cramped and not user friendly for the people who care for the chickens. (The chickens in that photo are the chickens who used to occupy the coop) Basically, I can't clean up the poop! The new "Chicken Palace" is across the property from the old one, giving the "girls" and Clyde the perfect opportunity to supervise the whole project. Jay's got 12 project managers!

The 2 photos above of the new coop show how lovely our little chickies will have it. It's a cute little saltbox design, complete with windows, air vents, insulation, a "sick chick" area, and it will have a people - height outdoor coop. They will love it! The Araucana's love trying to fly, so I think that when they get some height they are going to be thrilled.

The fire pit that's in the photos will be removed. That is not a cruel threat, although Jay is thinking of keeping a threat around if eggs aren't produced soon. Maybe they're just waiting for their new coop!

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