All Things Frenchie

In reading one of the books about French Bulldogs, I realized that they were right-on with many of the their statements, such as:
1. Their forefathers were bred to be tenacious and brave, something that translates into stubbornness and mischievousness. Check!

2. Obedience training is a necessity, but any attempt to prove who is boss through sheer force will result in the Frenchie digging in his heels and proving who really rules the house. Check!

3. They will follow you from room to room, reveling in your most mundane tasks. Check!

4. They love to play and will gladly throw themselves into a rough-and-tumble game with anyone who will humor them. Check!
5. French Bulldogs are expensive. Check!
6. They are social butterflies and need interaction, exercise and stimulation. Check!
7. They consider themselves free spirits, uncumbered by collars, harnesses or leashes. Check!
8. They can jump high enough to steal food, tunnel under the sofa to retrieve an errant piece of kibble, and climb onto any furniture. Check!

9. Weekly grooming should include inspection and cleaning their wrinkles and folds. Check!
10. Some have weepy eyes, which will cause tear stain on the fur where they drain. Check!
and 11. One kind of Frenchie fragrance my send you running for your gas mask is flatulence. Check! Check!
We have had Emerson and Oliver in our lives for a month, and they have truly been a wonderful addition to our family. They have wonderful personalities and demeanor. They are hard-headed (fit right in), curious, playful and loving. They just want to be with us. Don't get me wrong, puppies are a lot of work, but we think we got pretty lucky. We can highly recommend Frenchies to anyone considering the breed.


Lilla said...

What cutie pies those Frenchies are! So glad you are enjoying your new bundles. They seem to be settling in very well.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Lilla. Yes, we are amazed at how well they've settled in.