Voluntary Simplicity Step 8 - Being Ourselves

Have you ever felt you had to mask who you really are to fit in with the group around you?  Have you ever found yourself projecting a different image to those you're in company with other than your true image?  It's natural to want to fit in and feel accepted by others.  The challenge is to stay true to yourself.

I suppose the first step in working toward "being ourselves" is to define who we really are.  What are our values? What are our beliefs?  Remember you don't have to define yourself by who you used to be, even if it was as recent as yesterday.  We do not have to be defined by our previous choices and/or mistakes.  Rather, accept the choices and/or mistakes you may have made as well as previous behaviors you may not be so proud of and consciously set a new definition for yourself.

Making a conscious choice to determine who we are and that, despite what others may think, these are in fact our values, beliefs, goals, etc. is not only being ourselves, but being true to our self.

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TexWisGirl said...

heavy stuff today.

daisy g said...

I couldn't agree more. It had been a lifelong struggle for me and I found as I approaced 50, I just got over it. Now I live up to my own standards, instead of trying to please everyone else. It frees up a lot of energy for more important things!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks for your comments TexWis girl and Daisy. Daisy that is so true!!

Laura in Montana said...

Stopping by via MountainMama's blot.
I love what you have created here, Staci, especially your posts on voluntary simplicity. That has been our family's mission for the last couple of years and the initial inspiration for my blog.