Beautiful eggs from the girls.

Making homemade yogurt.


Asian Pear tree blossoms.


Asparagus is slowly peaking out.

Onions from last Fall.

Homemade granola.

I was plagued with computer troubles this past week.  Unfortunately, I don't know much about them so when it doesn't work I'm virtually helpless.  It notified me it wasn't interested in allowing me online, so, because I'm at it's mercy, I obediently obliged.  Today it's had a change of heart.

We were blessed with wonderful weather this weekend.  A little cool, but brilliantly bright.  Because of the freezing temp.'s at night I've been covering my precious little seedlings.  The fruit trees are withstanding the low dips and I have hopes the strawberry and raspberry plants will do the same.  It's an odd year - much milder than years past.  We actually mowed the lawn today for the first time.  That doesn't usually happen until the end of May, beginning of June!

The chickens love the sunny weather as it means time to roam the property.  The fluffy bottoms go racing out of the pen at top speed, running toward nothing in particular.  Once they've hurried to what they thought might be the best spot in the yard, they take a quick scan to see if any of their sisters are finding treasures in another area and then it's off again, at breakneck speed {well, for a chicken} to steal what a sister may have found.  They chatter and coo, moving their way around the yard.  I love to watch them.

I'm working on getting my baking and cooking caught up.  Today I prepared yogurt, homemade granola, hummus for lunches next week, I'm making pita bread from the Bread Bible tonight, and blueberry scones to store in the freezer, ready for breakfast this week.

Yesterday I was convinced I blew up the dryer.  Thankfully, I did not.  I'm still not sure what happened, but it smelled like an electrical issue.  My "handyman" checked it out and gave me the thumbs up to continue using it.  Today it works like a gem.

Hoping all of you had a lovely weekend too!


Meg said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I need to catch up on my baking and cooking too. Yesterday I actually bought bread at the store *gasp!* ;)

I just love the mental image of your girls running around!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I put computer problems right up there with car problems--I feel helpless with both!!

I'm glad you've had a good, productive weekend, and I'm glad that dryer is working well too!! Take care and enjoy your week!

Snooks said...

I love it when the chickens are out of their run and in the yard. They are so much fun to watch. Baking sounds like it will be good. I need to do that.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Kim, you are so right. Snooks, I too love watching them run about. Isn't it the cutest? Meg...store bought bread?? Oh boy. :-) Have a great week all!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

That Oliver! Please put a smooch on top of that sweet head for me. I've been mowing for weeks, our winter was so wet and mild. Lucky you,to just be getting started. There is some bad home appliance mojo going around. My mower malfunctioned this week to the tune of $750.00. Ouch! Hoping to get it back quickly, as we're mowing every week at this point, and we're about to go on vacation. We had chickens a few years ago and they really are endlessly entertaining. Have a good week!

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend! Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good weekend in spite of computer trouble! lol

Dianne said...

My daughter and older son's wife are both making homemade granola and homemade yogurt (served with fresh fruit). Think I should do that for my macho logger tree farmer! The yogurt was an "acquired" taste for me since it's not sweet but actually great with fruit. You sound so industrious and put me to shame this lazy, rainy morning!