Voluntary Simplicity Step 9 - Living Consciously and Savoring Moments

For me, this past year has been an expedition of sorts in personal development and an adoption of a more “simplistic” way of life.  By no means does this mean it’s “simple” to achieve, however, the minimization of consumption along with the pursuit of material things gets easier and easier the more I delve into a conscious and grateful life.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and the next thing you know days, weeks, or even months have passed.  As you reflect back it’s hard to remember specifics let alone moments.   When I realized I was in a state of racing from one issue to another, focusing on what I didn’t accomplish and/or the things I needed to re-prioritize, I knew that something had to give.  As I’m trying to maximize every moment in the day life is quickly passing me by.

It takes a conscious effort, and many reminders, to think about the day and to be grateful for the smallest of things - both good and {on the surface} bad.  This awareness has aided me in changing my view on many things, including the ordinary day-to-day.  It also brings with it a need to take full responsibility for everything in my life.  I choose how much time and/or energy to spend on any one particular problem or solution.  I have to cancel my autopilot, take a breath, and pay attention.  It’s about looking at the things I’ve been choosing to avoid and reacting to things differently in order to achieve a different response or outcome.   It’s about consciously changing my own behaviors and finding gratitude in the smallest of things. 


Flat Creek Farm said...

I've been working on this a bit myself lately. We always seem to be on autopilot! I notice a *huge* difference when I focus on being grateful and savoring the moment (little & big). There's a lovely sense of well being-- mind, body, soul.. and that's the truth! Now, to make tomorrow one of those fabulous days :) Thanks for the reminders! -Tammy

Unknown said...

Yes, great reminder!