Mr. Naughty Pants

I went to work this morning, as with every morning and left the animals on their own.  My mom was coming over so I left a package of new cat treats on the counter - ones that even a French-Bulldog-Maine-Coon Dog/Cat such as Jackson would approve of.  {For those of you who haven't read the tales of Jack's previous adventures, he believes he is a French Bulldog.}

When I got home from work, the photo above is what I saw.  Jack with an odd look on his face.  I had a suspicion something just wasn't right.

I asked him "what did you do?"  "ME?"  was his smug-looking response.

I let Oliver and Emerson out of their crate and Oliver went straight to the cat stand Jack had been sitting on, and stuck his head in the hole.  Once his head had been in there for more seconds than it typically is, I knew something was wrong.

I pulled Oliver out.  What I found left me to ponder.....crime scene or perhaps a cat who thinks he's a dog who might have his naughty pants on today.

I brought in the investigation team to help......

Emerson stuck his head in the hole, examined what we found, and tasted the little morsels left in the tube.....

Oliver then stuck his head back in to take another taste......

I carefully removed part of the evidence to examine it. appears to be a cat treat bag with dozens upon dozens of sharp cat teeth marks.

I sent the investigation team back in to check it out.......

The investigation team came up with the following conclusion:

  • Grandma came and gave dogs and cats their treats
  • Jackson observantly watched Grandma put the treat bag back onto the counter
  • Jackson waited until Grandma finally left
  • Jackson took said treat bag and ran like the dickens for the cat tube, knowing mom would be home soon
  • Jackson tried to get the bag open, but Grandma put the rubber band back on the bag and it was kind of tight
  • Jackson got creative and bit holes through the bag to make the treats come out in crumbs
  • No crime scene.  Only a Jackson with his naughty pants on.
  • Case dismissed.
Jackson denies all involvement and claims he was framed.


Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

So funny! The cat had such a 'What!' look and the dogs are precious - I hope you have a blessed weekend,

Meg said...

LOL! Oh how I love your dog-cat. That is hilarious! That top picture needs to be framed. It's the best so far. :D

Diane said...

He is such a funny cat. It was great to hear from you today. Silver got into trouble too, I was crocheting and left some materials on the bed. I was on the phone and next thing I knew she was running down the stairs with a full skein of yarn. I took it from her and put it back on my bed, two minutes later here some comes again with the same skein of yarn. Animals are so funny.

Wyomingstorygirl said...

love this. That expression is too funny! One of our new cats decided a bag of rice was such a treat the 2nd night he was here.

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Aww, he is such a sweetie, it would be hard to be mad at him. My cat Mia found my crochet cotton that was in a basket and way up high on top of my craft cart.....I don't know how she manages to sniff it out, but she finds it every time!!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Hilarious! That's the most "deer in the headlights" shot of a cat, I've ever seen. No poker face on that Mr. Jackson. What would we do without our animals to keep us laughing?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes, our Jack seems to have perfected that look. Likely because he's in trouble a lot. :)