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Breakfast burritos



Homemade Ginger Ale

Mama Claire and 4 of the 7 babies

July is here already.  It's just amazing how quickly time goes by.  Remember when you were in school and time seemed to stand still?  I recall wishing the days to go quicker so I could become and adult and really start living.  How naive I was.

The garden is in full swing and I'm continuing to replant those items that seem to disappear during the week when I'm at work.  I planted my lettuce in my taller "salad" beds hoping to at least get a few heads before summer is over.

Can you believe how big the chicks are getting?  Poor Mama Claire.....they are half her size already.  She's a small Araucana and they are large Red Sex-Link Chicks.  It won't be long before they will be looking down at her.

My weekend was filled with working in the yard and garden and planning my canning-pa-looza.  I was planning on canning produce the last 2 years and never took the time to do so.  I'm determined to change that this year.  I'm hoping to make many of the staples we typically purchase from the grocery store throughout the year.  The goal being to buy less processed stuff.

I made homemade syrups to add to seltzer water so we could have homemade soda this weekend.  Although we lucked out and didn't receive the 100+ degree weather that others of you had, we did have low 90's so it was toasty.  Tonight I'm making Strawberry-Kiwi Freezer Jam, homemade vanilla yogurt, and pasta salad for lunches this week.  Last night I made another batch of the Strawberry-Chipotle BBQ Sauce since we seem to be going through it quickly.

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend!


daisy g said...

Your garden is lovely! It looks very shady though. Do you get enough light to grow a lot of stuff?
Enjoy your week!

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Well it looks like you have all your chickens in a row LOL

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Daisy - although our amount of sunshine is not ideal for gardening we do pretty well with what we've got. I am thrilled that we have a nicely shaded yard in both the morning and evening during the summer heat. :) Ann, your comment made me smile. Yes, at least a few of them are all in a row. There's always got to be a few rebels in the crowd though. :)

Anna said...

I love all your raised beds...they look so lush! And good luck with all that canning!