this weekend's discovery:  tiny watermelon with a bite taken out

Jack loves his box

strawberry cake

making laundry soap

busy bees in a squash blossom

daily plethora of green beans

Let me just start with the first photo which was my discovery Saturday morning.  Mr. Woodchuck and family haven't been around in a week or so, but apparently the squirrels and chippie's still think of my garden as "our" garden.  One of them decided a baby watermelon looked scrumptious then, after picking it and trying it, realized it wasn't yet ripe.  Because it may have just been a bad melon, he/she tried a second one.  Two precious watermelon gone.  I was heartbroken.

Speaking of the garden, I continue to get a large amount of green beans.  The photo above is typically what I pick every day with a few sugar snap peas thrown in..  I re-seeded sugar snaps so I can have more this fall.  The squash are doing well and the bees are happily working in each of the blossoms.

Saturday we enjoyed rain for the second part of the day.  When I say enjoyed, I mean I, at least, am enjoying it as I don't have to water the garden and the lawn and flowers are happy.  I made a batch of laundry soap as well as a new recipe for a strawberry cake.  The cake was dry.....what a bummer.  But, I'm going to try the strawberry part in a different recipe.  It had you take 2 cups of frozen strawberries, microwave them for 5 minutes (to extract their juice) then set in a strainer over a bowl.  Take the extracted juice and boil it until it's reduced to 1/4 cup and add that to the milk that goes in the cake.  The leftover fruit was added to the frosting.  It had wonderful strawberry flavor which is why I'll incorporate the idea into a more moist recipe.

Jack continues to be quite the character and helper.  As I type he is "helping" by chewing on a stack of recipes.  He almost looks like he's smiling while he does this.

We released the chicks to the main coop on Friday after I got home from work.  Initially there was a lot of hostility and just plain grouchiness on the part of Lizzie, Daisy and Renee, but I am happy to report that tonight, although they keep separated, they are doing better.  Lizzie was so upset by their happiness and celebration of getting to know the big girls that she growled, from her "throne" {nesting box}, got up and chest-butted one of the babies.  The poor chick wasn't sure what to make of her.  The chick is actually bigger than Lizzie.  When they figure this out Ms. Lizzie may be in trouble.

Tonight is filled with more freezing {blueberries and sugar snaps} as well as making yogurt, coffee syrup and iced tea.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Linda Stubbs said...

Sweet little watermelon. We have lost cataloupe, honeydew ( to a big critter) and our biggest watermelon had a crack on the bottom. We cut the crack off and ate the other side! Been a hard year for us. I will be building a fence next year.

Enjoyed my stay Staci!

Your header is beautiful!
Hugs from my farm,

Meg said...

Haha, at first I thought that watermelon had been bit by Jack. Too bad the neighborhood creatures are wanting to share. :( Nice green beans!

daisy g said...

I think the adventures of Miss Lillie would make a great children's book. ;0)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Sorry about the watermelons! The green beans look good. And Jack, what a picture! So cute!!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

That Jackson is just one continuous photo op! We have a gigantic squash plant growing out of out compost bins and spilling into the pasture, but something nibbles off the tiny veg. as soon as they form. Been thinking of getting one of those little cameras that attach to a tree, to see just what goes on out there after dark!

daisy g said...

Ooooooooooooops, I meant Ms. Lizzie. Senior Moment...