a hungry critter found the tomato patch!


new paint for the old house

salted caramel sauce
salted caramel sauce ready to go to the food swap

strawberry-chipotle bbq sauce ready to go to the food swap

sweet boy Emerson

sweet Oliver

green beans
A whole lot to talk about in this weekend's edition of "weekend".  Here we go:

The weather is currently unbelievably gorgeous.  Read as:  low humidity, temp.'s in the upper 70's and sunny.  I love it!

The tomato in the top photo is an example of how I'm finding many of my green and red tomatoes in the garden.  Little {or big} bites taken out of them either while they're hanging on the vine, or plucked, bitten and discarded in the yard.  This does not make for a happy gardener.

I spent an hour or so on Saturday making Strawberry-Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Salted Caramel Sauce for my food swap today.  Here's how that went down.  I made the items yesterday.  Today I got up, made breakfast {Jay requested eggs benedict}, got the dishes done, took care of the chickens and the dogs, got laundry washed and hung on the line, tidied up the house, mowed the grass, made the tags for my food swap items, got dinner prepped since I knew I'd be home late, packed up all the swap items {the 2 sauces plus eggs from the girls}, and headed out.  Two hours later I pulled back in the driveway with the same eggs, BBQ sauce and caramel sauce that I left with.  Why?  There was absolutely no parking.  None.  Anywhere.  I drove around and around and around.  I don't know that particular city well and, therefore, was trying the same couple of streets over and over.  I finally gave up and came home.  No class with Marisa from Food In Jars and no swap.  I will say nothing more other than it was incredibly disappointing and a waste of time.  The good thing - we have lots of caramel sauce and bbq sauce.  {Anyone who reads this that's coming to my house over the next week or so, guess what you'll be going home with....}

My house is FINALLY getting painted!  Whoo hoo!  A couple of weeks ago Jay worked on the trim and now he's working on the main part of it.  The doors will be next {barn red}.  We are going from the white that's in the photo above to the brown with cream trim in the same photo.

Now on to Emerson.  Emerson started vomiting on Monday evening.  By Tuesday he was vomiting up anything he ate or drank.  Tuesday evening we went to see Dr. Lori.  He's usually thrilled to go and this time he wasn't thrilled to do anything.  He either didn't want to or couldn't walk much and was disinterested in just about anything.  He had a check-up and she injected an anti-nausea medication.  Tuesday night he was able to keep water down.  Wednesday went ok - he ate a little bit of chicken and rice that I'd made for him and was successful in keeping that down.  Thursday night he became very congested and was incredibly uncomfortable.  No matter what he did he couldn't get comfortable.  Friday he went back to see Dr. Lori for more testing.  We found nothing really.  It appears to likely be something he ate either that he shouldn't have eaten because we didn't see him eat it {they eat EVERYTHING} or human food he was given that reacted. By yesterday he was back to himself 100% and trying to get into absolutely everything again.

On Friday I left Emerson at the vet for a good portion of the day.  My mom was at my house with Oliver when I took Emerson.  Ollie gets so very upset when separated.  She was with him until Jay and I got home and helped him through his tough time.  I am so grateful for her.  He went with us to pick up Emerson that evening and afterward they were both exhausted and inseparable.

On this note I want to say two things.  One, THANK YOU to all the wonderful veterinarians and their staff out there who go above and beyond as mine do.  Dr. Lori and the fantastic staff at Milton Veterinary Hospital are unbelievable.  They treat everyone's animals as though they are their own and I am so grateful for them.

Second, THANK YOU to all the people who care for abandoned, abused and neglected dogs.  I previously left a "thank you" on Kim from Life At Golden Pines blog because she is someone who does just that.  {side note - if you've never checked out her blog you MUST, it's wonderful}  I can't imaging the stress and angst of caring for animals who are frequently sick.

While I'm on a grateful binge THANK YOU to all of you who read our blog.  I have met some truly wonderful people through blogging and am so grateful for all of you.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

So glad Emerson is back to his old self...scary stuff when our pets are ill and you don't know why or how and they can't tell you.

Good luck with the house painting and whoever is eating your tomatoes stays far far away! Cathy

Meg said...

Oh I'm so glad Emerson is doing better! I know how scary it can be when anyone (man or beast) gets sick, and it's even worse when you don't know why.

So sorry about missing your class and swap! That's just terrible. Maybe next time it will go better and you'll find parking. That's why I never go anywhere downtown - no parking and it makes me crazy.

Sounds like you had one hell of a week and that you could use some hugs. *big hugs* At least now you have plenty of sauce to enjoy on ice cream. ;)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Cathy and Meg - you are so right about it being hard and scary when you don't know what's wrong with them. Thank you both for your lovely comments and Meg, you are correct, we have PLENTY of sauce! :)

Unknown said...

Very glad Emerson is feeling better. Thanks for the link to the other blog. I worked in an animal hospital for about 17 years and we did feel very close to a lot of the animals that came in frequently and of course I love animals and have a soft heart. Which is how I ended up with three dogs, three cats, a ferret, and 20 chickens. lol

daisy g said...

What a blessing a great vet is.
Your dinner guests will be very glad you couldn't find a parking space!

Enjoy your week. Better get out there early to get those maters!

Winnie said...

Your tomato cracked me up. I had some critter eat all my parsley the other day...It was completely gone! I guess it is salad to the bunnies or something. I have never heard of a food swap. What a fabulous idea. Your goodies sound fab. I am looking forward to the cool weather so I can try them out. Glad your dog is feeling better. So important to have a great vet you can count on and that cares for the animals in their care.

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

So glad Emerson is okay! It's so scary when they're sick. That salted caramel sauce looks fantastic! Last spring, Starbucks was making a salted caramel frappacino and it was awesome! That's too bad about the tomatoes. I think I've eaten more tomatoes this summer than in the last 5 years combined. I think tomatoes are like grapes, they like this HOT weather! Your pics are,as always, amazing!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Diane - I could never work at a veterinary office. I, too, would adopt them all. :) Daisy you are so correct. Winnie - maybe your critters had bad breath. :) Mary - yes I love the Starbucks salted caramel frappuccino. I am currently working on a homemade version!
Thanks all!