Oliver on "his" chair

Emerson on "his" couch

Hooray!  The humidity has decreased significantly and the temp.'s too have dropped giving me hope that Fall really will arrive some day.  I was so sick and tired of air conditioning and am thrilled to have open windows.

The garden is still producing.  I'm waiting for beets, brussels sprouts, melon, and a new batch of sugar snap peas.  I'm still picking green beans, carrots, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, squash, radish, lettuce and all kinds of herbs.

Our week was a little tiring.  A couple of weeks ago Emerson was very sick and, it seems, this week was Oliver's turn.  We are pretty sure Oliver ate green tomatoes which can be toxic to dogs.  I found some in his vomit and believe that was likely the issue.  The poor little guy was trembling, panting, vomiting and had diarrhea all night Tuesday night.  It was finely completely out of his system by 6:30 Wednesday morning and after a couple of days of taking it easy he was back to his obsessive-compulsive self.

The problem we are having is that the squirrels and chipmunks pick the tomatoes and begin their journey back to their food storage.  On the way they decide to taste the green tomato and realize they don't like it.   They then discard it.  Right in the yard.  Oliver and Emerson love putting anything in their mouth, regardless of whether or not it's good for them.  The next thing you know, you've got a sick dog.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the tomatoes next year.  I'm considering planting them in the flower beds in the front yard and keeping the dogs out of the front yard for the summer.

Tonight I'm roasting squash to put away in the freezer and making Blueberry Scones, also for the freezer, for breakfast this week.  Yum!

We've had a nice, quiet weekend which I'm truly grateful for.

Hoping you have had a wonderful weekend as well!


Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

So glad to hear the doggies are on the mend now. I too, can't wait for fall. We had a big front push through late yesterday and the temp. and humidity dropped. It was heaven! Took a little road trip over to New Castle, Delaware today, looking for furniture. The sky was glorious! I always think September has the best skies. Hope you have a great week, with no doggie drama!

Gardeningbren said...

...and Emerson says..'just so ya know..my couch!' big grin

Great photos!

Meg said...

Oh how I yearn for open windows. We still have two months left. =\ Sometimes southern California is not so nice.

Goodness, you are having a time of it with sick pets. Glad Oliver is back to being himself! Hopefully this will be it for a long time. Perhaps a BB gun for the squirrels is the answer? ;)

daisy g said...

Glad the pooches are mending well.
Your photos are stunning! Enjoy your week!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Mary - we've enjoyed lower humidity too! I just love it. And yes, you are so right about September skies. GardeningBren - I am positive that's what Emerson was thinking. :)
Meg - I'll try to send a little cooler weather your way. Yes, it's been quite the time with the pets. As far as the BB Gun goes, I'm not even going there. That was my husbands suggestion too. :->

Notes from Maggie's Farm said...

Our weather has been unseasonably temperate here in hot-as-hades-Texas, and it's really amazing what a little relief can do for the spirit. Praying for rain, still. Looks like your gardens are producing beautifully!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Maggie - I'll hope for rain for you as well! Yes, despite the many critters and bug infestations, my garden hasn't done too bad. :)