goodbye beans......until Spring

Daisy, Betty and Wilma willing the gate to open

kohlrabi is still going strong

Oliver is still recuperating

We received our first frost of the season Friday night into Saturday.  I covered my kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, lettuce and sugar snap peas.  They all made it.  In addition, the carrots, beets, potatoes, onions and a few herbs have made it through.

Oliver continues to recover from his surgery.  Last weekend he did pretty well and then we went back to the vet on both Monday and Tuesday.  Hearing him scream at the top of his lungs in pain broke my heart.  She switched out his pain med's and that made a world of difference.  He continues to get better everyday.

Emerson is being quite the trooper about this.  He is loving the fact that there are special goodies given at mealtime.  Since Oliver is not back on dog food yet, the addition of real chicken is something Emerson hopes never ends.  Pumpkin puree is quite a hit as well.  They both find it lip-smackin' good.  The downfall is that Oliver is a true bulldog.  He becomes quite bull-headed and will win anything he sets his mind to.  He has decided to refuse to drink water.  Pedialyte worked for one day, then I began adding a little pumpkin puree to his water.  That worked for 3 days.  Now, the only liquid that will suffice, is homemade chicken stock.  He refuses store bought.  Meanwhile, Emerson gets whatever Oliver gets {he obviously wouldn't understand why his brother gets something special} and takes it all in.  Pedialyte?  Fantastic!  Pumpkin water?  Even better!  Homemade chicken stock???  It just can't get better than this!  At the end of each dish Emerson licks his lips with a big smile.  Life is good.

The leaves have been knocked off the trees, for the most part, by all the rain we've been receiving.  Jay took 2 truck loads to the town barn where we can dump it for free and they turn it into compost.  Our compost pile could only take so much as could the outdoor chicken pen.

Speaking of the chickens, as I've previously mentioned the molting season is upon us which means the egg laying has slowed.  It appears as though one of the "babies" laid an egg yesterday.  It was a darker brown then the others and smaller.  I have hope they will all begin producing.

They are grateful for the cool nights and increased chicken scratch served throughout the day.  They don't know it yet, but in the Spring we'll be adding another outdoor coop for them to enjoy.  This one will not have a roof, only a fabric tarp in the center to help keep them safe from predators and provide some much needed shade for the summer.

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Meg said...

Oh I'm so glad he's getting better! And he has good taste - homemade is the best! ;) Can't wait to see your new coop next year.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Meg! We're pretty happy too that he's doing better and things are slowly getting back to normal.....finally!

daisy g said...

Oh, I wish I could take some of those leaves off your hands!

Glad the pooches are doing well. I'll bet the scratch chicken stock is healing him right up!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Beautiful pics. So glad your boy is on the mend. I give canned pumpkin to our dogs for tummy upsets. They love it, especially mixed with a little yogurt. Had our first frost Friday night as well, and now it's back in the seventies. Our leaves have just started to turn which is a little late for us, but we've had plenty of rain which keeps them green longer. Can't wait to try that apple tart!