pumpkin truffles

molting chickens

Oliver healed at last

Emerson waiting for a mini pumpkin pie

 It was a beautiful weekend, for the most part, here.  We enjoyed a day of sunshine today which always brightens the spirits.

The chickens are right in the middle of their molt.  Feathers are everywhere and they look so sad.  Thankfully he temp's haven't dipped low consistently so it's somewhat warm for the bald girls.

The garden is winding down although I won't pull everything yet since we're supposed to have temp's in the upper 60's this week.  Maybe just maybe I'll get a little more from it.  I'm trying new recipes for my plethora of green tomatoes.  I'll be making a relish with them next.

Oliver had his staples removed on Friday.  Yippeee!  He's on the mend and back to playing, hopping up on the furniture, and, most importantly to him, sleeping in our bed again.  Jay and I are back to the edges of the bed but we are so happy he's almost back to full health.

I had horrible visions that we were going to wind up back at the emergency veterinary clinic again today.  Oliver came up to me this afternoon, about 5 minutes after having a mini pumpkin pie snack, and his mouth was watering, he was licking his lips like he was going to vomit and his nose was runny.  He just didn't look right. I was rubbing his back and smelled his mouth to see if I could identify what he had gotten into.  The smell was familiar but I couldn't quite place it.  It was a little like a household cleaner so I immediately went searching to try and find what he'd gotten into.  My search turned up nothing.  On my way back to him Jackson pounced on a bug.  On a whim I picked the bug up and smelled it.  Bingo!  Stink bug.  Oliver, for what reason I cannot figure out, ate a stink bug.  Unbelievable.  Hopefully they aren't poisonous.

Back to the mini pumpkin pies.  I made up a recipe for Emerson and Oliver's Mini Pumpkin Pie's and they absolutely love them.  I was going to share the recipe closer to Thanksgiving but I'll put it up this week.  I make up a batch and store the majority of it in the freezer.  Ever couple of days I take a few out.  The last photo shows Emerson patiently eyeballing one of these yummy treats.

As far as yummy treats go {this time for people}, I re-worked a pumpkin truffle recipe I had received and made it into something I enjoy.  I'll share that this week as well.

It's chilly tonight so I'm making comfort food - chili and cornbread.  Yum.

I'm hoping you had a wonderful weekend!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm so glad that Oliver is continuing to do well!! As far as the stink-bug he ate, as you no doubt know, they aren't poisonous--They say that chickens and guineas love them. ???

I'm really glad you enjoyed your weekend and I hope you have a great week too!

daisy g said...

Your garden life pix are wonderful. Glad the pooches are both well. Hope you have a glorious week!

Meg said...

Yay for being better! So glad he's finally getting back to normal. What is it with house pets eating bugs?

Those pumpkin truffles sound delicious. Can't wait til you share the recipe!

P.S. One scarf left! :)

mountain mama said...

oh, man...those pumpkin truffles! those are great pics to wrap up the weekend!! :)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks All! Oh Kim, but it would be just my luck that Oliver would be the only dog allergic to a darn stink bug. :) Thankfully, I think all the drama was because he didn't like the way it tasted.
Daisy - thanks so much!
Meg - HOORAY!! I'm so excited about the items. :) And yes, to you and Mountain Mama, those pumpkin truffles are pretty tasty. :)