Orvis in Manchester Vermont

the Orvis sidewalk

Pumpkin Bread

Oliver and Emerson enjoying their new bed

Our weekend seemed to fly by.  Saturday Jay and I went to Manchester, Vermont to do some shopping.  You can see the Orvis Store photos above.  It's a beautiful store.  The boys initially were thrilled that we purchased them a brand new bed at Orvis.  Then, the real reason for the purchase didn't sit so well.  We're kicking them out of our bed at night.  Yup.  It was our mistake for starting the "sleep-over" habit, but a year later I am exhausted and unable to get a good nights sleep.

We didn't realize it until after Oliver was better but still crated at night until the stitches came out.  We both felt great.  We weren't waken all through the night as they moved and moaned and groaned....  Last night was the first night of our new arrangement.  Oliver and Emerson were up every hour on the hour trying to come into the bed.  We knew it wouldn't be easy, but who would have thought they'd be so persistent!

Sandy is coming our way.  Although we aren't on the coast and, therefore, not subjected to the majority of the anticipated damage, we are still in a flood and power loss zone.  I spent today catching up the laundry and making the next couple of nights dinners and this week's snacks.  Just in case.  We have a generator but it runs on gasoline.  I'd rather run the generator less and heat up dinner rather than running it to make it.

I attempted to get some pre-Halloween photos of Cait and Jack.  Two of the "outtakes" are below.  Cait is supposed to be a princess.  Doesn't she look thrilled???  She's trying to step out of the costume in the photo.

Jackson is supposed to be a Cowboy however he won't leave the hat alone so we're torn on whether he looks more like an artist or a hobo.  An angry one at that.
Princess Cait

Cowboy (?) Jack
That was the majority of our weekend.

Hoping you all had a good weekend.  


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Hope everyone is safe and sound during the next few days and that hurricane passes by quickly.
Your kitties don't seem to impressed with their costumes but they are sure hilarious!

Mary Ann said...

One of my favorite stores in one of my favorite towns!

daisy g said...

The leaf photo is stunning!
What exactly is Orvis?

Praying that the storm leaves you alone. Stay safe.

candice said...

Oh my goodness....your cats are adorable!!!

Meg said...

LOL! I love their costumes. That is so cute.

Hope you all stay safe, warm and well fed!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the puppies sleeping in their new bed! I know what you mean about sharing your bed with them! Hope Sandy does not do damage to your place~marsha.kern@yahoo.com