my husband's workshop

Oliver (left) and Emerson - together again

the mystery was solved......this is what was stuck in his intestines

still getting carrots!

there's too many of these around the yard with all the rain

Daisy out for a jaunt

homemade wheat thin crackers

Well, the weekend has been a relief compared to how the week went.  Thank you to all of you who have expressed concern for Oliver.

Oliver was not drinking enough water on Monday, so back to the vet we went for hydration.  He also began refusing food once his anti-nausea injection wore off, so he received another.  By Tuesday he was looking pretty good.  Still sick, still something wrong, but better.  Wednesday was an ok day but you could tell the pain was coming back more.  Thursday we were able to get into the specialist for an ultrasound and, with the exception of the feelings of discomfort from the pain, he had a pretty good day.  The ultrasound gave us nothing except thickening of the abdominal wall.  We still were left not knowing the cause.  Then came Thursday night.  He didn't do well at all.  Regurgitating every 1/2 hour, and having mild pains most of the evening.  We were scheduled for him to go to our vet on Monday for a barium test but they were kind enough to allow him to come in on Friday.  I was at my wits end and didn't know what to do.

My heart ached for him, knowing how much pain he was in, and I was almost out of options.  I was low on sleep (I averaged 1 1/2 - 2 hours/night for the entire week because I was comforting him every night) and emotional.  I received a phone call a few hours later.  Finally, the mystery was solved.  Dr. Lori discovered a "ring-like foreign object".  Two months prior both Oliver and Emerson were enjoying their Kong toys that I had put peanut butter in.  As with every time they received them, I only allowed them to chew on them for 15-20 minutes with our supervision.  When the 20 minutes was up I went to collect them for inspection, to make sure they were not compromised by their strong teeth, and discovered the top of one completely missing.  About the size of a half-dollar and quite thick.  Gone.  I looked at both of them.  Nothing.  I looked under the furniture.  Nothing.  With the missing piece the size it was I figured I would surely have heard them trying to choke it down if they had swallowed it.  Well, Oliver was the one who swallowed it.

Two months later we are given the missing piece back by Dr. Lori after his surgery.  The most expensive Kong toy ever!  (quite close to three months worth of mortgage payments)  The x-rays didn't pick it up and neither did the ultra-sound.  I am so grateful Dr. Lori was able to conduct the barium test on Friday and get the poor little guy in for emergency surgery.  Friday night he went back to the emergency veterinary clinic for observation while he began recovery.  He was such a good boy and followed directions so well he was discharged to us Saturday night.  He is now home, in his Kong toy-less house, continuing his recovery.  Unbelievable!  The 14-day recovery period ought to be quite the challenge for us all.  It's hard to keep an active guy down.

The rain hasn't really stopped since last weekend.  We have a cold-front coming our way tomorrow and no more rain on the forecast until Friday.  I have mushrooms growing all over the yard and the grass is ridiculously tall and full of leaves because it's been too wet to mow.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be my chance.

My garden is still producing although it's begging for sunshine.  I'm still getting potatoes, beets, onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, herbs, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, green beans (a small amount) and I'm hoping my brussels sprouts will hurry up and grow the remainder of the way as well as the kohlrabi.

The chickens are going into their molt which means less eggs.  Egg production is down to 1 - 5 eggs per day.  Hopefully the "babies" will begin laying soon since they won't molt this year.

If you're interested in recipes, on my cooking blog, Simple Farmstead Cooking, I'll be posting recipes for Homemade Wheat Thins (pictured above), Chicken-Noodle Bake, and "Instant" Hot Chocolate Balls this week.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!


Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Oh my goodness, what a worry! So glad they found what was wrong, but jeez, you think the expensive toys and treats are safer, right? So glad he's on the mend. Love all the pics!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I am so relieved that the mystery of what was wrong with Oliver has been figured out, as you must be. Get some much needed rest and enjoy what is left in your amazing garden. Take care, Cathy

daisy g said...

Oh my gosh-what an ordeal! So glad they found out what was causing his pain. Poor fella.

You are still getting so many veggies! Harvest on!

That first photo is breathtaking-REALLY!

Have a great week!

Meg said...

Oh I'm so glad he's better now and that you finally found the reason! You can finally get a break from the stress. I would love that much rain! We are hoping to have a wet year here, but that's never a guarantee.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thank you all....we aren't through it all yet, but hopefully soon. :)

Unknown said...

Wow what an adeventure. So glad that the doctor found the the culprit of all that misery. Hope Oliver is now feeling better and on the road to recovery.