homemade gifts under the tree

our stone wall with a dusting of snow

i love seed pods - these are lightly dusted with snow

cherry-chocolate kiss cookies

one exhausted Jackson

I awoke this morning to crisp air.  When I went to the coop I informed the girls snow was on it's way.  They bawked at me and spent the next few minutes chattering about my crazy talk and how much they were in disagreement.  I told them how much I enjoy watching falling snow, particularly when it doesn't accumulate to inches.....meaning no shoveling.  I love to catch a flake on the tip of my tongue - there's just somethign so enjoyable about snow.  The chickens ignored my story-telling, for the most part, and continued to bawk and chatter.

I went back in the house, took care of the dogs and the cats, got breakfast started, made a hot cup of coffee and as I was walking toward the living room saw the first of the flakes.  I smiled.  I guess the girls, unhappy as they may be with the white stuff, now know the woman who brings them the goods in the morning isn't full of just crazy talk.   When I turned on the news, the weatherman said snow would begin around noon for us.  It was 8a.m.

We are ready for Christmas, although the wreath is still not up on the barn.  Jay informed me last night that we needed to get that done today to help him feel the Christmas spirit.  When I asked why the tree and other decor couldn't quite do that for him his response was "I need to feel the Christmas spirit outside too and seeing the wreath on the barn does that".  I chuckled but agreed.

The Christmas party Jackson and I hosted this past Wednesday went very well {Jack appointed himself co-host}.  The group of us had all previously agreed that all gifts would be homemade which I found to be extra special knowing the care and love put into each and every one.  It will not surprise you one bit to tell you that Jackson assumed the party was for him.  As soon as the guests arrived he was excited and in the midst of it all.  He even hit Caitlin to make her go back upstairs so the limelight could be his.  At present opening time he was right there - getting in the bags and boxes, squeezing into a small basket full of food items, chewing up wrapping paper  for us, and swirling in and out of everyone's legs.  Needless to say, when our guests left he was absolutely exhausted.  Into his bed he went and stayed until about 9p.m. that night {the party was at noon}.

I made a new banana cookie for the dogs this weekend.  They were a HUGE hit!!  I will be sharing the recipe this week, but I have to share two of the photos with you today.

I had the brilliant idea of taking a photo of one of the cookies by holding it in front of the boys as they sat so nicely on their bed.  This worked for exactly one photo and then......

.....Oliver jumped up and snatched the cookie right out of my hand.  Yup - the entire cookie.  Can you see in the background Emerson's disbelief that the cookie is gone?  Poor guy.  I hurried and gave him one of his own.

Speaking of cookies, I also made Cherry Chocolate Kisses for us.  Do you make these?  I find that I only make them around Christmas so they're an extra special treat.  I'll put the recipe on my cooking blog tomorrow.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

That being said, with the tragedy that unfolded in the small town of Newtown, CT on Friday, I must say that our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the horrific events that devastated the town and, in effect, the country.


Rachel said...

Staci, I love looking at your photos! Jackson sounds a lot like our Mason, very social. The snow is so beautiful, I wish we got a little more down here in SC. Would love to get the banana dog cookie recipe! I make peanut butter biscuits this time of year for our furry friends.

Mary Ann said...

In the midst of the sadness, so nice to read about common Christmas things on your blog. The pictures made me chuckle! I am thinking of those suffering so far away, too.

Gardeningbren said...

Hope you post the recipe for the banana treats also. Our Chief loves banana..but spaniels seem to love anything fruit or veg. Your two are adorable, but you already know that!! ;-))) Great close-ups.

The cherry kisses sound delish and festive also. Will look forward to that post as well.

A wreath on the barn...how perfect is that.

Anonymous said...
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Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Yes - Rachel and Bren, I will definitely be posting the Banana Cookie recipe this week. Mary Ann - thank you for the lovely comment.

Snooks said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love that Jackson is such a ham. What a little socialite he is. Of course the dogs weather or not they try to, always steel the show. No snow here just rain and some warmer 40 degree temps. Have a great week Staci.;)

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love the photos! Jackson is so pretty and sounds like he was a hit at the party!

Hope you get a photo of the wreath on the barn when it's hung!

daisy g said...

Glad you enjoyed the party. Would love to hear about some of the homemade items.

We all stand in prayer for those unable to enjoy the season.

Meg said...

I don't think I've ever seen Jackson sleeping. He looks so peaceful and innocent!

Thank you so much for your sweet card! It was such a nice surprise to get it in the mail, and it made me smile all day just to look back at your crew and read it again.

Merry Christmas!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much Cheryl and Snooks! Daisy - I will try to get info and photos of the beautiful gifts up this week. Meg - you are so very welcome for the card. I'm happy it makes you smile. :)