2012 Christmas card

Two more days until Christmas.  They are calling for a couple of inches of snow in our area for Christmas Day and I'm happy about that - feels more Christmas-y.  I love when it snows on days I don't have to travel.

Oliver was in a bit of pain Saturday morning.  Scared me quite a lot.  I have no idea from what.  I had given him a half tablet of Pepcid the night before so I know it wasn't indigestion but we're hoping it was gas.  Ollie's Doctor had us pick up children's gas relief medication at the pharmacy.  We've been giving this to him and so far, knock on wood, it hasn't returned.  He makes me a wreck sometimes.  He's been acting different the last couple of weeks - more sensitive, so I'm hoping maybe it's been a little painful gas.

I had thought it was possibly full anal glands because he was scooting last weekend but after a quick "clean out" from Miss Sarah we know it wasn't that because he didn't have much in there.  Hopefully we'll get it figured out.

If that wasn't bad enough, Sunday I woke up, came downstairs, and found 2 cat paw prints in blood on the entry room floor by the Christmas tree.  Not little bits of blood, almost a small pool of blood about the size of a quarter.  I can't find blood on either cat or anywhere else in the house.  It's a bit of a mystery - a mystery I'd prefer to not have.

Jay realized last night we forgot to buy one gift so out to the stores we went today.  In town it wasn't bad - we were even able to stop at the local coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, for coffee and a bagel.  Target, however, was a nightmare.  Thankfully they had all the registers open but my goodness, there were people everywhere!  I was somewhat surprised that, for the most part, people appeared to be in a good mood and weren't pushy and rude.  I was grateful for that.

While we were out that way we walked over to Home Depot for the heck of it.  I found the chandelier {finally} that I want.   My first choice is a special order for way too much money, but we think it might be too big for such a small dining room.  My second choice they have in stock so we're considering it.  Finally one we both agree on!

Jay ran new electricity to the kitchen this weekend and put up recessed lighting.  We finally get to throw out the track lighting that came with the house.  Hooray!!  We'll be finishing the kitchen ceiling with white beadboard.  I can't wait.  The kitchen is so much more evenly lit now - it makes quite the difference.

The newer chickens seem to be done with the bad habit of eating eggs and they are beginning to lay consistently now.  Seems the threat of isolation did the trick!  I'm happy that worked since the alternative was a bit more tragic.

I have to work tomorrow - bummer.  Tomorrow night we're going to my mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner and gifts.  The boys will be surprised that Santa just might leave them gifts at both houses - ours and hers.  Must be because they were such good boys!!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas to you and your families!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really hope Oliver feels better, and your mystery is solved. Your card is lovely, and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!!

Unknown said...

And a very merry Christmas to you and your family Staci :) Hugs and best wishes for 2013! xx