I've Got My Boy Back! (Our Success With Canine D.A.P. products)

Emerson {left} and Oliver {right}

Okay, so he never actually left, however, since about the second week in December, Oliver hasn't been himself.  We weren't sure what was going on, only knew he just wasn't his happy-go-lucky typical personality.

Oliver is usually pretty happy about most things, insists on sitting on my lap in the evenings, cuddles at night, and barks during the day at anything he thinks might be interesting.  All that changed in the course of about 24 hours.  He would still get excited when we came home, but then it would fizzle and he would keep distance between us and him as well as Emerson.

He didn't want to be touched, he slept toward the end of the bed at night, on the edge of the dog bed during the day, and although he would bark if he heard a noise, he wasn't perky or happy most of the time.  You likely recall his October surgery.  Well, our vet saw the early stages of hip dysplasia on one of his x-rays from his surgery, so we weren't sure if this was acting up.  We weren't sure if he was having issues with Emerson. {He does from time-to-time, however, Emerson is never aware.  It usually goes like this:  Oliver is upset, he pouts, growls and nips at Emerson.  Emerson is oblivious.  Oliver refuses any food - treats or meal.  Within 1 hour Oliver decides he's over it, again without Emerson's knowledge, and is happy again....and hungry.}We just didn't know.

 While trying other things, Kelly from our vet suggested trying one of the D.A.P. products.  She figured if it is at all related to anxiety, maybe this would work.

Well, it did.

Within hours he was ok with being touched.  Within 24 hours, he was almost completely "normal" {normal for him}.  At the end of the week he was fine and has been perfectly fine, content and happy ever since.  I can't tell you what a relief it is.

Here's what we used - a diffuser that has dog appeasing pheromone in it.   It's odorless to us, but, apparently has an chemical produced by nursing dogs that dogs can smell.  It comes in a diffuser or a spray.  I've got both.  One for home, one for car rides.

They aren't inexpensive {I believe mine was on sale for $28.99}, but if it works, it's worth it.  The diffuser packaging states it lasts for 4 weeks.  I'll probably get 1 refill and then see how he does without it.

They have it at any pet store as well as online at Amazon.  The product I purchased was Comfort Zone by Farnam Pet Products, although there are a few brands.  They make the same products for cats as well.  The packaging claims this is good for any stress-related behavior such as excessive barking {doesn't stop Ollie!}, whimpering, whining, destructive chewing and house soiling.  Also good for stress from being left alone, traveling, and loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

You can look at the reviews online.  It appears it pretty cut and dry - it either works or doesn't for your dog.

I wanted to share this story in the event it strikes a chord with anyone else out there.

I'm just so relieved that he is back to himself!

** Just a note on the product review - I purchased this product myself and am not reimbursed in any way for the product by the company.  These are solely my thoughts without a request from the company for the review.**


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I used one for our cat when we moved and had heard that it was good for anxiety they feel over a big move...it worked, she was fine...love those things! Cathy

Unknown said...

So glad he is better! I've used the product also and think it is the best. They are so darn cute!
I've made a pet blog and would love for you to come follow us (we follow you here). They will certainly make wonderful additions. Thanks for sharing!

Warm Regards,

Blog: http://shespoketome.blogspot.com

Gardeningbren said...

Well I am pleased to read this, although have not heard of this remedy. But speaking of remedies..I have used Rescue Remedy (Bach)to get over trouble spots with our dog. Just a drop or two on the tongue. Actually, I use the spray myself when I am feeling anxious and am having a hard time focusing. Have you tired this?

Anyway, the photos were great and they are so sweet together those two.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm really glad your boy is better! I have used these diffusers. You're right about it working or not working. We first tried it with a really fearful young foster dog we had a few years ago and it worked wonders. For another foster dog, it didn't work at all. I've no idea what the difference is or was, but I wish they would make one for people too, I could use it! :-)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Loretta! GardeningBren, yes, I have used Rescue Remedy {for dogs and myself} and love it. The cream works better than anything else for minor bruises, scrapes and rash. It's amazing!
Kim - I'm with you.....I think it would be a product that is sold out consistently. :)

Mary said...

Well now that's really interesting. My son's roommate has a rescue dog with some anxiety issues. I'm going to pass this along. Worth a try. So glad he's doing better!