Oh Jackson!!!

I had just cleaned up his last rubber stamp-a-palooza and within 15 minutes of the clean-up, here's what I discovered.  I purposely waited until he was sound asleep to clean it up.  How does he hear me???

Thank you Jack for picking out some lovely stamps and driftwood.

Thank you Jack for leaving at least a few of the now missing alphabet letters on the shelf.

Thank you Jack for picking such appropriate stamps to pull off the shelf {his favorite stamp is now too high for him to reach}.

Thank you for the innocent "who, me???" looks when I catch you and take your mug shot photo.

Thank you Jackson, for being the hysterical, crafting, stealing, stinky, snuggling, lovable boy you are.


Loretta Thomas said...

Oh that is soo funny, but what a cutie... Its remarkable how they do things that are so fascinating.
Stacie, I've created a blog just for pets, and I would love Jackson being one of our frriends.
The blog is: http://shespoketome.blogspot.com

Miss Kitty and I invite you to visit and join/follow us. We are following Jackson here.
Thanks, and I enjoyed this post!

Warmest Regards,
Miss Kitty & Mummy

mountain mama said...

just like a kid, eh? too funny!!

Shannon said...

Awww, we have a cat that looks very similar, but is a girl... hopefully having babies in spring :) Anyway, I LOVE your crafty area for stamps. Super cute!

daisy said...

Maybe he wants you to make him a card? ;0)

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

What a rascal that Jackson is. I love him!!You could look into those eyes and forgive anything. I'll bet he knows it to.

Terri said...

If the object is small and makes noise when whapped, it qualifies as a cat toy!

Snooks said...

Love it! These are the kinds of things that make our pets so endearing to us and so much a member of the family. With out their little quirky personalities our lives would be so boring. <3

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Diane said...

That cat is a one of a kind. I so love hearing about his antics.

Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

Hahaha! Cats, you've got to love them :)