Moose Munch

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

I was kicked out of my kitchen this weekend.  Yup - it's true.  I was kicked out, however, for my benefit.  My husband was working on the ceiling.  He recently installed recessed lighting and now he's created and installed v-notch boards.  Next up is to paint them and re-install crown molding.

I'm trying to be patient.
I really am.
He tells me he can't hurry into these things because he wants to ensure he will never be bored.   Hmmm......not buying it.

Jackson continues his infatuation with my rubber stamps.  I guess it's better than the jewelry making supplies.  He also continues to believe that anyone visiting our home is here just to see him.  I think he honestly believes this.  Try as we might to get him to leave guests alone, he insists they all love him.  Somehow he manages to make even those who aren't fond of cats {how could that be????}like him.

My mom and I sewed the cloth "baggies" I spoke about a few Tuesday's ago.  I'll be sharing them this week.  I also received a gift from my sister-in-law this weekend.  Well, the chickens received a gift.  She crocheted a couple of sweaters and a scarf for the chickens.  Those pictures will be coming, but for today I wanted to share the photos of Cait and Oliver modeling the lovely chicken fashions.

Here's Cait looking fabulous {and very angry}.....

And doesn't Oliver looked stylish in the scarf?

I made Moose Munch from a recipe I linked to in last week's "three".  I'm going to try altering the recipe slightly.  If it works, I'll post it.  I was looking at my freezer inventory and noticed half a bag of frozen strawberries left from last year's garden.  I'm using them up in my all-time favorite strawberry cake.  It tastes so fresh during the cold winter months.

Speaking of cold, after the majority of last week's highs being in the low to mid-40's, it's a bit chilly here again with the upper 20's and low 30's as our daily highs.  The girls in the coop are not impressed yet continue to lay a plethora of eggs.  My bribery of warm pancakes, warm oatmeal, leftover mashed potatoes and warm rice and milk is helping.  My girls love their carbs!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Meg said...

LOL! Poor Cait. I love your little sign for Jackson. Has he bothered to read it yet? The Moose Munch looks delicious! We're going to be cooling off over the next week too... So close to spring, and yet so far...

daisy g said...

The scarves really make them look so distinguished!
The food looks wonderful and is making me hungry too close to bedtime.
Have a fabulous week!

Flat Creek Farm said...

That's it! I'm coming to live at your house - look at all that wonderful comfort food :D And for the chickens too! Lucky bunch they are. A cat who is friendly to guests.. wow! Ours have always said, "retreat!" and we never see them again until the guests have departed. Have a wonderful week! -Tammy p.s. love the fashionable gifts!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tammy - you're too kind. Daisy - thank you so much. And Meg, no, Jack is ignoring my sign. No surprise, right??