snowy, slushy morning

crock-pot chicken wings

breakfast burritos

homemade vanilla



my unfinished kitchen
The weather this weekend was lightly snowy and very slushy which made it plain old wet and yucky.  Yes, that's the technical term.  The temp's were slightly above freezing making it like a small lake under our back deck.  Jay had just shoveled the entire driveway, came inside and lo and behold it began snowing again.

He ignored it.
I don't blame him.

The chickens are quite unhappy in this weather because their outdoor coop gets wet and muddy.  I added additional fresh straw, which did make them cluck with glee, but before long it was muddy too.  To make up for it they received a scrambled eggs for breakfast yesterday and leftover cake and french toast today.  My carb-lovin' girls thought that was the best thing ever!

My kitchen remains unfinished.  The ceiling boards need to be painted (they are individual boards that my husband cut and rounded - I created the pattern), the crown molding needs to be painted and attached and now we're looking for a kitchen color.  It's fun and awful all at the same time.  There's 3 colors in the photo above although the green in the middle kind of blends with the yellow on the left.  We've ruled out all 3 of these colors.  I like them, but not with the rest of the colors in the house.  We're back to the drawing board.

As with everything, one change leads to another.  I've wanted new kitchen countertops since we purchased the house but quickly decided other projects were more important.  Well, with the change of wall color may come a change in countertop.......I mean, they all have to go together, right???  What doesn't excite me is my dearest husband also talked about replacing the sink.  I like the sink and have no desire to buy a new one.  Is a house truly ever done???

Some of you requested an update once I used the homemade vanilla extract I made a few months back.  It worked!  It's delicious!  I've used it in whipping cream as well as baked goods and it has a nice smooth vanilla flavor.  If you're making some yourself, don't be surprised by the very strong vodka smell.  You don't taste it at all.

Smells this weekend included breakfast burritos for my husband, chicken parm, chicken tortilla soup, pizza and slow-cooker wings, and chocolate chip cookies.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Judy said...

I love keeping up with your blog. Have acoop coming to our home as the weather starts to settle out. 4-5 chickens..enough for us and some maybe to share. Also made my first batch of vanilla just before Christmas. Thought I'd let it seep for another month or so. Can't wait! I do have a question though. When I get ready to use the vanilla, do I remove the beans? Wasn't planning to strain it since I had seen where most people don't. Would like to hear from you about this

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much Judy!! Regarding the vanilla - with mine I noticed some pieces of the vanilla bean pod floating in it and didn't think that would be a very nice surprise if it showed up in something I cooked. I took a mesh strainer that was large enough to let the beans drain through but small enough to catch the small pieces of pod and strained it twice. This successfully left my vanilla extract with beautiful vanilla beans in it. Hope this helps!! :)

daisy g said...

I love the simple label you created for your homemade vanilla.

Stunning photos of winter, as usual. You are a gifted photographer.
Thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

I guess it's the year for redoing kitchens! I am both looking forward too and dreading redoing ours. I can't wait to see what color you pick. I love your ceiling!