a found bird's nest

French Bread in the making

Cait - trying to enjoy a treat

It was a sunny weekend albeit cold.  The temp's barely rose above freezing on Saturday making it difficult for the snow to melt.  Emerson is happy about this though - he believes the large mound of snow directly behind the house is there for his snacking pleasure.  He'll run out, jump into the snow and take a big 'ol bite.  He practically smiles as he "chews" his snowball.

It was a quiet and relaxing weekend for us.  I was able to get some things done around the house as well as grocery shopping.  I managed to save over $60.00 in coupons.  As I've previously mentioned, I am no extreme couponer since we just don't eat many processed foods.  I do, however, clip coupons for the items we regularly use such as paper goods, toiletries, juice, candy, nuts, cereal, etc.  I can't stand paying full price for any of it.

Although I monthly grocery shop, I still watch the sale flyers weekly for great deals.  My goal is always to get products for less than $1.00.  If it's not something we need right away, I hold onto the coupons until the perfect time to use them.  This weekend was one of those times.  I find the price of cereal just ridiculous and will only buy it for 75 cents per box or less.  I was able to buy 10 boxes of cereal for 35 cents, 50 cents and 75 cents a box including 4 boxes of organic cereal.  Yippee!  I also scored honey mustard and dijon mustard for 29 cents per bottle, refrigerated juice for $1.00 per bottle, name brand cashews and mixed nuts for $1.19 per can, frozen smoothie drinks for free (8 so far, but I received more store coupons at check-out so I'll be getting 4 more for free), 2 bags of dog treats for free for my nieces' dog Paul, 2 heads of lettuce for free and more great stuff.

Coupons are not doubled in our area making it more difficult to save a large amount.  I spend about 3 hours a week downloading coupons from couponmom.com, logging them into a spreadsheet {don't judge..... although I'm a little obsessed with lists, in this case it makes it much easier to see if something is a good deal or not rather than digging through a stack of coupons}, purging any expired coupons and scanning the weekly flyers online.  It's all worth it when you see Jack, Oliver, Emerson and the coop girls faces light up when Cheerios are brought home {a Cobble Hill favorite}.

Jackson spends his days sleeping and his nights prowling through the bedroom, attacking Jay's toes on a regular basis.  Between claws and teeth he gets him pretty good.  Oliver hides between our 2 sets of pillows, sandwiched in safely with a blanket over him.

The coop girls are loving their free range days in the sunshine.  They chat about it all evening once they've been put back into their coop.  You should see all the eating, drinking and gossiping about the day.  Today they received leftover blueberry muffins when they returned to their coop.  There was excitement like you couldn't believe!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


daisy g said...

Wow! I'm amazed that you can buy those items without doubling coupons! Have you done a post on that?

Glad the snow is melting. Spring's on its way!

Mary Ann said...

Love the kitty picture with the curious dog ears! We have never had double coupons here.. and I don't use them regularly... but now that you write about not paying full price for paper goods, I'll start looking for those.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Daisy - thanks. No, I haven't yet done a post on the coupons....maybe I'll have to write that soon. :)

Mary Ann - it really is worth the extra time when, at the end of the year, you see how much money you saved.

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Here in Canada, we cannot get the same deals. We get a few coupons, but not like the US does. (insert pouting)
You sure make it easy to picture the girls getting all chatty over blueberry muffins...sure makes me smile :) Cathy

Gardeningbren said...

Such an uplifting post. You have such a companionable way of writing, I enjoyed your day on the farm. Thank you.

Meg said...

Good job on the coupons! We don't buy many processed things either, so I've kind of given up on the coupons. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Cathy. Those girls get excited about the smallest things. :)
Brenda - thank you for your very kind comment. i really appreciate it.
Meg - thanks and yes, the quiet weekends are the loveliest.

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Is that first pick a hydrangea? I took some pics of ours this morning, as we had a light snowfall and they looked so pretty with a little frosting. I'm obsessed with taking pics of spent blooms. I don't use coupons very often, but I am in awe of how organized and efficient you are. And I don't even have a day job! FYI: I have that "wag more, bark less" sticker on my truck. Surely, we must be related, somewhere along the line. XO.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Mary - I'm not sure what type of bloom it was. It's not near the hydrangeas so it may even be a weed. With our love of animals you are right indeed! :)