as the snow melts we're getting beautiful icicles all over the trees

our front porch icicle collection

and more of the porch icicles

orange blossom candle
blueberry muffins

white tea & ginger lotion bar

caity bug

Despite the ice-filled photos, it was a sunny day today.  Yesterday was a bit chilly but today wasn't too bad. Yesterday Jay and I drove out to his sister and brother-in-laws house to visit the two of them and our nieces.  I'm happy we don't live any further apart, two and a half hours is enough, but I do wish we lived just a bit closer making it easier to get together more often.

Oliver and Emerson didn't make the trip.  Both get very stressed during long rides and car sick so we opted to leave them at home under the very good care of Miss Sarah.  Emerson was sick this week anyway, so it was best for all.  He gets pumpkin water, homemade chicken broth and watered down homemade yogurt so I suspect he will be "sick" for a few weeks.

I was able to get a few more candles made as well as some lotion.  I'll be putting the lotion recipes on since I'm pretty happy with both.  One is a thick moisturizing lotion with coconut oil as a base and once dry is very soft.  The other, the lotion bar {photo above, is lighter but still nice and smooth.  They were both quite easy to make.  I've also been reminded I have not yet posted the cloth baggie project.  I'll try for this week.

How is it almost Easter already???  Every year I'm reminded that Easter is here by that Cadbury Egg commercial with the chicken clucking.  Oliver knows the commercial and as soon as the clucking begins he comes racing to whichever room the television is on in and starts barking at it.  He apparently has issues with the commercial.  It's funny how some commercials seem to bother him more than others.  He's a particular little guy.

Jackson has learned how to force Oliver to chase him.......why bite him in the "bunnies" of course!  Yup - if Jack races through the house and doesn't get a reaction, he walks right up to Oliver, opens his mouth and clenches his teeth right into Oliver's rear end.  The next thing you know Oliver jumps straight up in the air and is off and running.  This thrills Jack to no end.  The guy can't get enough of his new trick.  Oliver had such little trust in him before so now he has absolutely zero trust in him.  I think he sits around all day thinking these things up.

I was taking an inventory the other day of my pantry and freezer.  I seemed to have done a pretty good job this year planning the amount of canned and frozen items.  We have about a dozen jars of canned tomatoes left, 2 jars of canned tomato sauce, a couple jars of canned jam, 3 jars of canned jalapeno slices, 3 bags of frozen tomatoes {they are SO flavorful added to tomato sauce!!}, 6 bags of frozen green beans, 10 bags of frozen squash, and 5 bags of frozen berries.  Everything else is depleted.  I've got plans for even more canning and freezing this year since it was so successful in addition to dehydration of some of the fruits and veggies.

Today I've got muffins in the making, Moose Munch, and for dinner we're going to have burgers and home fries.

Happy Sunday!!


Elisha said...

I'll be over for that moose munch! I want to can someday!!! Maybe when the babies are a bit older... Wonderful you have that much left still

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Those are some funky icicles! I hope Oliver is feeling better soon and I can't wait for the recipes for the lotions. Even though it seems to be spring here and we don't have the very low temps you have, my skin still gets very very dry and it can use all the help it can get!

Gardeningbren said...

I also am looking forward to the lotion and balm recipe. Am interested to know more about the coconut oil as I sometimes see it for sale. You are so creative! Staci..

Poor Oliver ;-( In the bunnies indeed!! Hope Emerson is feeling better soon.

Meg said...

Wow, you've been busy! The icicle pictures are a little terrifying. I need to make my own lotion bars. I'm just addicted to the scents I can get from Bar-Maids. ;) Oh Jackson.... Such a naughty boy!

Cindy said...

I love your candle and the lotion bars. I love to make stuff like this too. I make a rose geranium hand cream that smells so good. As for those blueberry muffins-I'll be right over.

daisy g said...

Busy weekend. At least you had some home-grown entertainment in the house. Hee-hee, those critters keep you smiling.
Looking forward to the lotion recipe.
Enjoy your week!

Leslie Kimel said...

What a productive weekend you had. I can't wait to see your lotion recipes. I so admire your photography skills--every post looks like a magazine spread.

Terri said...

Would you mind sharing the recipes for the candles and the muffins?

Anonymous said...

Too funny about Jack's little escapades but he got Oliver's attention! My dogs will nip to get the other one to play but never the "bunnies" that I have seen. I love you blog and can not wait to get the recipe for the lotion and the orange blossom cake. where did you get your lotion tubes? I would love to have those for my deodorant also.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Elisha - come on over! :) I made plenty!!
Cathy - yes, those icicles are funky indeed.
Thanks Brenda for the bit of confidence on the creativity. Lately I haven't felt so creative. :)
Meg, you are correct. Jackson is a very very naughty boy. Cute and funny but naughty. :)
Cindy - yes, come over. The smell of the muffins is divine. :)
Thanks Daisy - we never have to leave home to be entertained.
Leslie - thank you so much for your kind comments.
Terri - the muffin recipe should be on this week and the candle tutorial I posted a few weeks ago, it's here: http://lifeatcobblehillfarm.blogspot.com/2013/02/making-soy-candles.html
Nancy - thanks so much. The lotion tubes are from Brambleberry. They are pretty small, not sure if another company carries them a little larger or not.
Thanks all for your kind comments!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just now caught my typo of the orange cake instead of candle, I obviously have food on the mind way too much! The lotion tubes are perfect. Thanks :)