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strawberry cheesecake bars

more candles



skillet sausage, peppers, mozzarella and pasta

Jackson - showing off his hunting walk

Jackson - resting after an eventful weekend

Caity Bug
It's hard to believe we are well into April all ready, particularly since the IRS continues to hold onto our tax return and can't tell us when it will be released.  Ridiculous since if things were reversed, I'd be fined if I didn't pay on time.

Jay was looking forward to 3 days of sleeping in.  Jackson allowed him 1 day of sleeping in.  The good news  with this is that we found his secret stash of rubber stamps.  Hooray - I've got them all back at last!  Here's how that all went down.

Friday morning I was thinking I'd be able to sleep in until 6:30 or 7.  Oliver quickly decided that didn't work for him and began staring at me and shaking his head {with ears like that you can't sleep through it} around 6:10.  I decided I would be happy I slept in for 40 minutes, got up and took the 2 dogs downstairs.  The first thing I always do is take Oliver and Emerson out for their morning "duty".  When we came back in I grabbed their bowls so we could get them some "sweet potato" {a.k.a. breakfast}.  Their hard food is stored in a container in the dining room.  Once we entered the dining room I heard a high-pitched squeak and Oliver immediately ran for the living room.  Mouse!

I yelled at Oliver to come back, turned on the lights and saw Jackson staring under the couch.  I'm not good with rodents.  I've never liked them and never will so, as much as I hated to do it, I had to get Jay up.  Jay came down the stairs, praised Jack for cornering the mouse, gathered his supplies {box and flashlight} and lay on the living room floor to look under the couch.  When I came back in the living room from feeding the dogs I saw Jay on his stomach in front of the couch and Jackson on his stomach at the back of the couch.  How could you not laugh?

Jay got up and told me I'd need to help him turn the couch over.  My skin immediately crawled.  Jackson waltzed into the dining room, jumped up on the table and laid down as if his job was done.  I tried to convince him he needed to come and watch for the mouse but he had other plans.  Plans of resting.  We turned the couch over and no mouse.  Jack jumped up and ran over to the bookcase.  Wouldn't you know it, he cornered the mouse again.  When Jay got down to look under the bookcase, he said "well all this will have to move in order for me to see it".  I had no idea what he was referring to until he started handing me rubber stamps.  Jack had them hid behind the big round foot of the bookcase.  What a little smarty pants!  Long story short, we trapped the mouse, it was in shock but perfectly fine when it got outside, and it's alive and well hopefully living in the neighbor's woods.

Saturday morning Jay was successful in sleeping in.  Sunday, however, was another story.  The boys and I got up shortly after 6.  We did our morning routing of "duty" and sweet potato and then I went out to get the chickens up.  I grabbed leftovers from the night before, the garbage to throw in the bin and off I went.  I came back about 15-20 minutes later.  I took my jacket off, washed my hands and began making coffee.  I heard a faint meow.  Jackson.  I immediately looked on the back deck.  Jackson is infatuated with the outside.  The only time he's been out is when he very creatively weaved between my feet one evening when I came in from taking the boys out.  Unfortunately for him it was pouring that particular night and he never made it off the deck.  He howled until I let him back in.

This time, however, he was not on the back deck.  I began calling his name and searching.  No Jackson.  I couldn't find him in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, office, living room or craft room.  I looked outside again, just in case.  No Jackson.  I grabbed the treat bag of the only cat treats he likes and began shaking it.  I heard him again but couldn't tell where he was.  I walked through the house shaking the treat bag.  At this time Oliver decided he would help and began barking through the house.  I heard Jay get up as I was trying to quiet Oliver.  When he came down the stairs I told him I was missing Jack.  Then I remembered.....the garbage!  Sure enough, that's where he was.  Our kitchen garbage is a wooden box that has a front door that swings down with the garbage can in it.  I had left the garbage can out and the door down when I took the garbage outside.  Jack must have stepped into the box and it closed because of his weight.  He was happy to be found and demanding the treats he had heard.

So, our mornings were eventful but, thankfully, the remainder of the days were not.  I made a few more candles and cleaned up my craft room.  I tried a recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake bars that turned out to be very good so I'll share those this week.  I have also completely forgotten about the cloth baggies and lotion bars and extra moisturizing lotion so those will be on this week as well.

Hope you had a great weekend!


daisy g said...

Oh my, what an adventurous weekend! So glad that you and the mouse are no worse for wear!

Enjoy your week!

Meg said...

That is a great hiding place for stamps! I bet he's disappointed you found his stash. Too fun about getting stuck in the trash bin! He's such a goofball.

Your candles look wonderful, and the Strawberry cheesecake bars look positively scrumptious!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Sure, we'd get a little more rest without our critter families, but how dull our lives would be. Poor Jackson! Love the picture of him in "hunt" mode. He looks like he's shaking his fist at his prey. Oliver looks like he wishes he'd remembered his sunglasses. Give them all a smooch from their Aunt Mary!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all! Yes Meg, Jackson is definitely a goofball. :) Mary - I will give them many smooches.