the coop girls enjoying the sunshine

Jackson enjoying his time in the sun

Oliver - supervisor extraordinare


asian pear tree


butterfly bush

lady's mantle {alchemilla}

Jackson - another great supervisor

the coop girls


the coop girls tearing up my flower bed

big Allie

What an unbelievably beautiful weekend.  Sunshine, temp.'s in the low 70's, the smell of grills cooking meals, and flowers coming alive after a sleepy winter.

The coop girls were ecstatic with the weather.  I have not yet planted the garden so they continue to roam freely.  Roaming freely meant kicking the mulch from flower beds all over the yard and driveway.  Oliver and Emerson were enjoying the sunshine on the deck, watching Jay and I work, when I spotted a few of the coop girls tearing apart my flower bed.  I quickly rushed over to them and moved them to a new spot, where flowers couldn't be accidentally destroyed.  Oliver, apparently, watched this, and every single time even one of the girls wandered back to that flower bed, he would bark to tattle-tale on them.  He even remembered it into Sunday - he was still letting me know when they were naughty.  I thanked him each time.

You'll notice Big Allie lounging in the sun.  She doesn't like much in the way of exercise, so she typically plops herself in the dirt right outside the coop, rolls over on her side, and kicks the dirt out from under her.  Then, to lure more outgoing girls over, she makes noise as if she's hit the jackpot on worms, gets the other girls to come over and scratch, and she takes the worms they uncover.  It's quite the system she's got worked out for herself.

Sunday we had the bright idea of putting Oliver's harness on Jack and letting him go out on the deck, on a leash.  He rolled around in the sunshine and enjoyed himself.  We considered attempting to walk him but he doesn't have any flea or tick med's on so opted not to.  I'm not so sure he'd be interested in walking, but maybe next weekend we'll give it a try.

Our weekend was fantastic partly because the weather was just so amazing, partly because we got a lot done outside, but also because I quit my job.  Yup, just like that, I quit.  Last weekend Jay and I were talking because I was at wit's end with the way myself and others are treated and within hours of us deciding that's what I should do, I couldn't believe the stress that gradually lifted from my shoulders.  It was like hundreds of pounds of weights being removed. I feel partly irresponsible since I didn't find a new job first and this cuts our income in half, but, I have a few things in the works on more of a creative level so I'm hopeful all will work out.  I haven't finished working yet but since I know it's coming to an end absolutely nothing gets to me anymore.  It's the best feeling ever.

Next week I hope to get peas, spinach, lettuce, carrots and herbs planted.  I'll wait on the other stuff until I'm sure we're safe from nights that get below freezing.  Both of my Asian Pear trees have buds on them so I'm hopeful for fruit this year or next year.  The raspberry bushes we thought died last year came back and I think I'll plant more blueberry bushes {if you remember, Emerson ate my little tiny plants}.  Asparagus and strawberries should be making an appearance soon which is perfect since I'm just about to use up the last of my frozen strawberries from last year.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Snooks said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Everyone looks pretty happy enjoying the sunshine and no snow on the ground. Congrats on being stress free. Isn't it amazing when you are able to walk away from something that is dragging you down. How fantastic for you Staci. Happy for you.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Tami said...

I was wondering if the harness on Jackson was part of his normal gear. Interesting to see if he'll walk with it.

I keep telling SM that (even tho I enjoy my work) I'd LOVE to quit for awhile. Just awhile. Like maybe for a whole Summer.

We need the $$ and insurance benefits though, so SM still says "No" to me being the "housefrau" that I long to be.

Enjoy your stay at home status! I'm SO jealous!

Amber said...

My husband and I giggled when we read about Big Allie's system (my hubby was reading while he sat beside me eating his oatmeal this morning.) Anyway, I totally understand that feeling related to quitting your job. I had that same feeling in 2007 when my husband told me to quit my job. I felt like I was floating!

vlb5757 said...

We had wonderful weather in VA yesterday too but our day was spent weeding the beds and getting them ready to plant. The birds in the neighborhood must have known there were worms to be found because they flocked to the yard the minute we went into the house. It was a sight!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Looks so lovely and I envy you your time in the garden! It was so windy here last night, it blew over my Japanese maple that is on my patio!

Surprisingly enough hubby and I are talking about the same "job" situation for him. Unfortunately because I don't work, quitting isn't a choice we have. But we are getting desperately close to doing the same thing....not that this job would care one bit! Cathy

Meg said...

What a great weekend! I'm so glad you just up and quit. Life is too short to put up with crap! And it was obviously a good choice if the stress left you once the decision was made. It makes a world of difference, doesn't it? I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! :)

Rachel - Fence Installation said...

Every time I look at a brown bush in our yard I see more and more green every day. The flowers that have blossomed are all amazing looking now. I want to keep them all summer.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all! Cathy - I hope your husband gets to follow his dreams soon. :)

Mary @ BarnBugStudio said...

Poor Jackson looks a little unsure about being tethered. My neighbor walks one of her cats everyday. Excited about the change in work situation. I'm already in awe of how much you accomplish on the home front while working on the outside. No stopping you now! Congratulations!!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh my gosh, I love all these photos! Your animals are so stinkin cute. Oliver is so precious :)

Love your blog so I signed up to follow you on GFC! Looking forward to following along :)