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As I type tonight it is drizzly and dark.  Yesterday, however, was sunny and warm allowing me to finish my planting of the garden.  This week there is a chance of rain everyday, so the garden will be well watered.

We are eating tons of asparagus - that, lettuce and carrots are the only things ready to eat.  I always do a late plant of carrots in the fall in time for them to grow a bit and then go dormant.  They are then covered for the winter and at the very start of spring, as soon as the ground thaws, they begin growing and voila - we have carrots about the time the garden is ready to be planted.

The animals are starting to get used to our new schedule, with me being home, and after a week and a half of their exhaustion from supervising my every move, I'm finally allowed to accomplish some {not all} tasks on my own while they nap.  This week I'll be busy spreading 6 yards of mulch in between rain showers.  Hopefully they'll allow me to get that done without too much supervision.

I won the cutest little bag {pictured above} last week.  Tammy from Our Neck Of The Woods had a giveaway of this adorable bag made by Jackie at Born Ambitious Born Imaginative and I won.  Thanks so much ladies!

Can I tell you about a yummy find from Trader Joe's?  If you shop at that store and you like to grill burgers on the grill, can I highly recommend the frozen Kobe Burgers?  On a whim while shopping with my mom last week I bought a box of two.  We had them for dinner last night and they were moist, juicy, and delicious.  They are not small - each patty is about 1/2 pound of beef, and they are so worth it.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!


daisy g said...

Congrats on winning that cute bag! I'm so jealous of all of your goodies. Our garden has been foraged by who-knows-what! It must feel great being home with the critters.

Leslie Kimel said...

I'm so jealous of all the cool things you can grow up north. Homegrown asparagus--that must be heavenly! And it's great that you're getting so much rain. It's terribly dry down here.

Elisha said...

I would love to start a asparagus patch!!!!!! Wish we had a trader joes around ! :( didn't know you could grow carrots like that! Oid to know

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's always exciting when things start to grow, isn't it? And I will confess here, that I've never had a carrot right out of the ground, and I think I need too!

Mary @ BarnBugStudio said...

Great pics! Sounds like you are really making the most of your new found freedom.We love Trader Joe's too. Two of our favorites...chunky organic applesauce and the Black bean/quinoa chips.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Your garden looks awesome! Ours still hasn't really taken off yet, but I can't wait til it does. We do have some lettuce we can harvest, so I need to do that soon. Your asparagus is looking good!

I'm so glad you like the bag :)

born imaginative. said...

Glad you like the bag! I'll share your post on my facebook page. :)

And I'm jealous of the asparagus. We just moved to this place and we're told there's a patch of asparagus and for the life of me, I cannot find it!