How We Homestead - Part 5: Looking Into The Future

This is part 5 of a 5-part series on how 5 different bloggers homestead.  To read the first 3 installments {How It All Began, Living Simply,Real Food & Our Daily Life}, click {here}.

Where the future takes us, it's hard to know for sure, but we certainly have our ideas & goals of where we'd like to be.  In the immediate future I hope to master the art of hard cheese-making {I just found a very close local source of raw milk and am very excited to work with that}, have a winter full of knitting and sewing lovely things for us, continuing to grow the majority of our veggies, increase the yield of fruits grown by us, and add honeybees for honey and beeswax.   I want to continue to challenge myself to at least try making as much as possible - even if I choose to, in the end, purchase the item(s) I think it's a good idea to have the experience of making it.  I'm hoping to write more, sell a few homemade products {coming soon} and begin teaching classes.

In the 5-10 year plan, we would first like to purchase a larger piece of property {10 acres would be nice}.  Our hope is that this property will house chickens, bees, a few goats, a few cows & pigs.  In addition, we'd like to operate a small, 25-30 family, CSA including veggies, some fruits, eggs, poultry, herbs, cut flowers and possibly milk & cheeses.  

In addition to the CSA, we're also considering a 2-3 room Bed & Breakfast.  It will probably depend on the amount of debt the property & house put us in - if we need to add the B&B and are able to do so then we will.

I love to teach and have a passion for the "domestic arts" so I'm sure I will also be teaching all types of things including cheese-making, making soap, growing & using herbs, etc.

Our visit to Essex Farm last year proved to be very inspirational.  Even though they are much larger than we strive to be, it was great to see a CSA, that is on the verge of including more than veggies & fruit, in action.  Kristin & Mark shared with us some of the many hurdles they came across and the creative ways they were able to overcome them.  I am also inspired by Rainbeau Ridge, although best known for their goat cheese, they have run a small CSA for a few years more similar in size to what we strive to provide.  Both of these farms provide a "free choice" system for their CSA which I think would be ideal.

In addition to the realistic goals, I have dreams for our little future farm including raising llamas and/or sheep for fiber & hosting "dinner on the farm" events to benefit local charities where we would have local chefs come and prepare dinner for guests utilizing our products.

Thank you so much again for taking the time to read this post and for getting to know us and a little more about our journey.


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Our goals seem to be very similar Staci, although you are many steps ahead of us. And I do wonder if our age will hinder us too, but I so want to be somewhat self-sufficient in the next year or two. Looking for that piece of land that isn't going to break the bank and getting at is our goal at the moment. Many good wishes to you and your husband, I admire you tremendously and wish I was closer to take some of your future classes!

no spring chicken said...

Great pictures of a great place!! Makes me think your dream could become mine. :) Just beautiful.

Blessings, Debbie

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I love that you are wanting to start a CSA. How awesome! And I also love the idea of having a bed & breakfast. That would be so fun! You have some great goals for the future and I sincerely hope you can achieve them all!

Thanks again so much for asking me to participate in this series. It has been so much fun and I've really enjoyed getting to know you better!

Unknown said...

Becoming a CSA has always been in my mind too for the future! I've loved reading your wkly series post and hate to see it go!!

daisy g said...

OH.MY.STARS. Staci, that farmhouse is stunning!
We share similar goals, no wonder we are kindred spirits. I hope we can come and visit your farm someday and maybe you can teach me how to spin wool from your own animals!

Meg said...

Staci, Thank you so SO much for hosting this series and asking me to participate. You have no idea how it has blessed and encouraged me. I love your goals for the future. Ahhh, a bed and breakfast! That would be wonderful! (And then we could come visit you!) I have that little dream in the back of my head as well, but not sure it would ever happen. It is so good to dream though. I think it would be wonderful if you started selling your things! You have a talent, and it should be shared!

Thank you again. I can't wait to see where we all go from here!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing your dreams and goals for the future. They sound really achievable (with much hard work of course) and enjoyable too.

I am a little envious of your trip to Essex Farm. I've read Kristen's book and I would love to visit there too (along with so many other places).
It will be great to see your plans and goals coming to fruition on the blog.

Leslie Kimel said...

This was such an inspiring post! A CSA and a bed-and-breakfast--what a beautiful future you've dreamed up! And I have no doubt you'll achieve your goals.

Amber said...

Some awesome photos, Staci! You've got some pretty cool dreams and goals!

born imaginative. said...

I love to read all of your dreams! I share many of the same aspirations. Sometimes it seems like it will never happen, but to look back and see how far we've come tells both of us there's so many promises for the future. I'm impressed with all you've done thus far!

luckybunny said...

Really enjoyed this post and your future goals, so interesting to read! You'll get there, not a doubt in my mind. :)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much Cathy & Debbie!
Tammy - thank you for participating! It has been wonderful getting to know you more.
Mary - it's odd to not be thinking of next week's post. Stay tuned....there may be another series!
Daisy & Meg - I sincerely hope you can come and visit when we're up and running!
Tracy - thank you. Yes, I am very lucky to live within driving distance of Essex Farm. It's a wonderful place and Kristen and Mark are genuinely nice, thoughtful and knowledgeable people.
Thanks so much all!

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

found you through your 5 part series and I love it. We have recently moved back to my honey man's 10 acres he grew up on. The property is a mess and we have lots of goals. This post was soo helpful. Check me out when you have time.

Cottage Making Mommy