asian-pear tree

salad greens

Emerson enjoying the 90+ degree temps

Oliver also enjoying the heat and humidity



loose leaf salad beds

tiny white daffodils are still blooming

romaine lettuce


emptying the hot water heater

Lucy Lou

It's hot.  Hot, humid and downright sticky.  It's supposed to cool down tonight and I can't wait.

The asparagus bed has been producing like crazy.  With all the rain we've had the past couple of weeks, the garden is doing great.  My blueberry bushes are loaded with fruit, the strawberries are getting bigger and the Asian Pear tree has a plethora as well.  Looks like we'll have our first year of a nice quantity of home-grown fruit!  The raspberry plants are still young but hold their own.  Maybe next year will be their big year.

We finally went forward with purchasing a water softener system.  We have well water and it really isn't that bad, that being said however, it has more rust in it then we'd like and, well, our whites turn to off-whites in a matter of a couple months.  I didn't want the slimy feeling of softened water but it was something my husband wanted to do so we went for it.  He spent Saturday installing the system.  He drained the water from the hot water heater so all the water, once it was up and running, would have gone through the new system.  Our old farmhouse has a dirt floor in the basement and Jackson is obsessed with someday sneaking down there.  He tried all of Saturday to pull this off and was almost successful once.  Jay chased his naughty pants back upstairs and Oliver tormented him for being naughty.  {Oliver often feels it's his duty to discipline Jack}

Speaking of Oliver, Oliver and Emerson have girlfriends!  My mom and I were walking them at the park Friday morning and we met up with a woman who has 2 female Shih Tzo's, Bridgette and Sue.  The girls were flirting up a storm with my boys.  I guess they would be deemed cougars since they are 7 years old and the boys are only 3.  The boys didn't care though, they absolutely loved the attention.  I'm sure they'll be watching for their new ladies on our next walk.

On another note, we have some sad news.  We lost Lucy Lou this week.  I went to the coop to lock the girls up for the night and she was dead on the floor.  She was such a wonderful girl with a whole lot to say.  She used to yell at me for everything.  I'll miss her big mouth squawking at my every move.  Lucy and I bonded in a rather interesting way.  She was among the first group of chickens we purchased.  We purchased half a dozen Araucana pullets from the University of Connecticut {beautiful poultry facilities by the way}and half a dozen Plymouth Barred Rock pullets plus one rooster {the infamous Mr. Clyde} from a farmer near the University.

From the start, Lucy wasn't a fan of me.  She was the alpha-female and felt I was stepping on her toes.  She'd peck at me, holler at me and was just downright nasty.  Then I realized she and a few of the other Barred Rock's were sick.  I found a vet willing to see them {let me start by telling you this is not my regular vet whom we love and adore} and she requested I just bring one in since based on the symptoms they likely all had the same issue.  I knew it was an upper respiratory issue, I just wasn't sure what to do about it at the time.

Long story short, Lucy was the lucky one who went with me.  It was a hot and humid day and the moment she was in the car in the air conditioning she looked at me in a whole different way.  She was a happy girl.  We had more bonding time at the vet's office.  In walked this female vet with her dress so low-cut both Lucy and I were uncomfortable with the amount of cleavage forced on us.  She had zero people skills and lacked any ability to communicate symptom and diagnosis with me.  Anyway, we'll just say that Lucy and I had quite the conversation about the trampy woman who called herself a doctor.  After that day Lucy and I were the best of friends.  She is buried with her sisters who went before her in the Cobble Hill pet cemetery.  May she rest in peace.

And more sad news, our little Josephine with the prolapsed vent just isn't getting better.  She does fine for a day or two and then it prolapses again.  She's in great spirits and we're continuing to do what we can, hoping for the best.

The thunder has just begun - the storm is coming.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!


Tracy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Lucy Lou. She sounds like she was a real character to have on the farm.
The weekend here was cold and definitely wintery.

luckybunny said...

I'm sorry about Lucy Lou :(

Your pictures are lovely, everything is coming along very nicely!

daisy g said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. Just think how much life she added to the farm. It wouldn't have been the same without her. What a blessing. Your story about the vet visit made me chuckle!

Your garden looks amazing! I didn't think it was possible to grow lettuce in such shallow beds.

Happy for the boys...

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry about Lucy Lou! Sounds like even though she didn't care for you much at first, you developed a great relationship. It is so hard to lose feathered members of our family. I hate to hear about Josephine as well :( I hope she can recover!

Meg said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you lost Lucy! That is so sad. At least it was quick. I'm glad you have buried her close.

So funny about the cougars! That made me laugh. :)