our broody and nearly bald little lizzie

cherry pie pockets


peppers are coming!

homemade sub & sweet potato chips

the coop girls enjoying the sun

my favorite of our trees

making beef jerky

homemade strawberry jam

eggs & homefries {oh, and coffee!}

the looseleaf salad beds

helper jackson

Saturday the weather was amazing!  I was able to get quite a bit done in the garden which always makes me happy.  I planted some additional spinach, kale, radish & herbs.  Sunday wasn't awful but the rain made a bit of a return.

Unfortunately, Ollie had a bit of a bad weekend.  His left hip was bothering him.  That darn Hip Dysplasia!  I feel so bad for the guy.  He spent most of Saturday using only 3 legs.

Jack was as helpful as always.  My goodness, the guy is a workaholic!  Saturday proved to be very busy for him as he felt obligated to help his dad change out the kitchen faucet and hook up the Reverse Osmosis machine.  While we were pulling tubing Jack was right there, making sure it was done correctly.  All open cupboards were inspected prior to our working in them as well as after.  I mean, this guy was busy!

Don't you love that his teeth show in his photos?  I think it's adorable.

Of course, with it being Father's Day weekend and all, the "kids" and I had to get Jay a gift.  We ordered something very special.......

.......Dungeness crab from Pike Place Fish.  If you've ever been to Pike Place Market in Seattle, this is the place that throws {literally} whole salmon around.

It's a bit of a splurge, but for special occasions we order whole King Salmon {for me} and Dungeness Crab {for him}.  These are 2 of the food items we miss from Washington State......Frango's would be the third.

The box came but the boys weren't so sure dad would like it, so they had to check it out quite thoroughly.

Emerson gave the "paws up" but Oliver needed to investigate just a little further before he could give his own approval.  Thankfully, the box passed and dad was allowed to open it up.

And look what was inside!  A few of these lovely crustaceans.

Can you guess what Jay had for dinner????  {with his "stolen" pick that they tell you you can steal when you buy crab at Joe's Crab Shack}

He said it was absolutely delicious!  {he would like me to note that he only ate one - the remainder are in the freezer.  :-)}

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's day to any Fathers reading this!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

The dogs inspecting the fish box are too cute! Poor Ollie and his hip! That makes me sad. Hope he gets around better soon.

daisy g said...

Looks like a great weekend. Oooooh, that strawberry jam looks yummy!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Funny my son and his girlfriend were there at Pike Place Market this weekend! I sure hope Oliver is feeling better. I have heard of a herbal med for all kinds of animals that you might be able to get at the health food store. It is called "Recovery SA" by Purica...now it's a Canadian company, but you never know you might be able to get it there. The write ups are fantastic and I took their "Immune 7" over the winter to boost my immune system (made from mushrooms) and I wasn't sick once after taking it.

born imaginative. said...

I just love all your pictures. I feel like I'm right with you.

Unknown said...

We have not one but TWO hens that are broody at the moment. Do you have any recommendations for breaking broody hens that don't involve caging them? Or is that the only way?

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear Oliver is having hip problems, always sad. Great photos!

Unknown said...

Love your pictures from the weekend! The cherry pockets look yummy and I bet that crab was delicious!! Hope Ollie gets to feeling better, poor guy.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thank you so much all!

Tanya - well, I have had no luck in getting either of my 2 regularly broody hens to get over their broodiness. We've tried taking eggs out so they aren't sitting on anything, replacing the egg with a golf ball, and physically putting them outside so they are out of the box - nothing has worked. Sorry, other than locking them out of the coop and/or crating them I don't believe there's anything that will work. We just let ours stay broody until the time passes. :)

Mary @ BarnBugStudio said...

Poor Ollie. I hope he feels better soon. Not sure I've ever had Dungeness crab, though I did eat at Joe's many years ago. It's all blue crab, here on the shore. You're lucky to have Jackson to help with the chores. He looks like a take-charge kind of guy. We had a lovely day or two of low humidity too, but now the mugginess and thunderstorms are back.

Amber said...

That picture of your dog with his nose in the box is hilarious! haha!