berry thief

This weekend was hot.  Today was 93 degrees and humid.

Yesterday we got quite a bit done on the outdoor coop extension but today we opted not to work outside.  The coop girls were disappointed.

The coop girls are very happy, however, about something else.......  the 5 mean girls are gone.  Well, not so much gone, rather they are no longer in the coop and are instead in the freezer.  We just didn't have a choice.  They tried numerous times to kill Little Lizzie, Mama Claire and Emma, the smallest of the girls, and they were pecking into any egg that wasn't brown.  They were not meat birds so they'll be saved for soup in the fall.  We'll miss the jumbo eggs but Little Lizzie is so grateful we think we saw her smile.

We'll be going to the University of Connecticut in a couple of weekends to pick up 6 bantam pullets.  We've chosen 4 Ameraucana's and 2 Barred Rocks.  The Ameraucana's lay the "Easter Eggs" like the Araucana's {Lizzie, Claire & Emma}.  We'll also add 4-6 White Leghorns in the fall, also from UCONN.

My garden is coming along well - I am, however, losing my patience, as I do every year, and just can't wait to pick more and more veggies.  While picking strawberries this weekend, I had the sweetest little bird {photo is the third above} stealing them from me.  Each time I would set the bowl down to get into the bushes the little bird would quickly fly down and swipe a berry.  Very cute, but I started taking my bowl with me.

Speaking of birds, we have a momma, poppa and baby birds in one of our bird houses.  Here's either momma or poppa gathering bugs.....

....and then taking them back to the babies.

They work all day long feeding the noisy little ones.

My strawberry and rhubarb canning is complete!  I have rhubarb syrup, strawberry-rhubarb jam {tastes just like strawberry-rhubarb pie}, strawberry-balsamic jam, strawberry-lemon marmalade {tastes more like jam}, slow-cooker strawberry jam, pomona strawberry jam {a.k.a. strawberry jell-o jam}, and strawberry-vanilla bean jam.  I still want to make canned Sundae Topping {strawberries, raspberries and chocolate liqueur}but need to remember to go to the liquor store to pick up the liqueur.  Blueberries are next!

I will be posting the strawberry-balsamic jam recipe this week, as requested by Brenda.  If you would like any other recipes posted let me know - I'm happy to share them.

I posted a lip balm recipe on Friday, and wanted to let you know that I made 1 change to it.  I tried using semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of the cocoa powder to see how it would work and SUCCESS!  So I altered the recipe.

Oliver is doing much better with his back leg, but then this morning he came walking into the living room holding up his front right paw and shaking it frantically.  I couldn't figure out what in the world happened.  I went out where he had been in the entry room and found Jack and Cait laying down playing with a bee.  Bingo!  My little man had likely tried playing with it himself and gotten stung.  I couldn't find the stinger in his paw so I think he just got a bit of the sting when pawing at him so a little Benadryl, a little cuddling and a few Cheerios and he was back in action.  Now that he's feeling better I'll get to walk them in the park again.

Emerson is bummed by this news.  This is what he thinks of walks in the park......

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Gosh, poor little Oliver! Hope the sting doesn't cause him too much pain. Just can't catch a break lately! Love the bird photos :) And all the plants look great!

Anonymous said...

Our female pup always noses at bees in the grass and our male always noses at them on flowers. No one has been stung yet but they are certainly pushing their luck. Sorry about the bee sting to your pup, that must have hurt!!

born imaginative. said...

I just love your weekend posts. Always eventful. Hope Oliver is up to par soon.

Liz said...

Sometimes those mean ones just have to become stew hens! Always love your pics from the weekend!

daisy g said...

Cheerios? That's too much! Hope the little guy is up and around soon.

Another productive weekend. Enjoy those berries!

Meg said...

Goodness, you've been very productive in the strawberry department! I'm so glad you will be feasting on the mean girls and they won't be bullying the others anymore. At least they will be of good to someone! :)