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Emerson - exhausted from the heat

Not to start this post off by complaining, but it's hot.  Hot and humid.  Temp's in the upper 80's & low 90's for the weekend and reported to feel like between 95 & 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yuck!  The plus, however, is that we are finally getting more sunshine than rain which means my garden is growing by leaps and bounds.

Saturday's events went like this.  The Coop Girls asked Jay very nicely if he would please, pretty please, finish the outdoor coop extension.  So, heat & humidity aside, he did so.  I would go out and help him and/or check on him from time to time.  At one point I went out and the portable stereo was lying in pieces on the ground.  "So, what's with this?" I inquired.  "Oh, well, we had a bit of a disagreement" he nonchalantly answered.  He further explained that he wanted it to play music and it didn't want to play music, hence their disagreement, so he made sure it would never play music again.  Funny what heat will do to you.  Then, I went and got the boys on their leashes to take them for a potty-poop spin.  We were out by the garden so I began weeding & checking things out.  The next thing I know both boys are rolling in who know's what but it was stinky.  Off to the sink they went.  So, while I had very happy Coop Girls, I had very unhappy Frenchie boys.  Today, thankfully, seems to be running a little smoother.

With the heat & sticky humidity I'm finding myself making as many no-bake and light-cooking items as possible.  It's during this time of the year that the grill gets a real workout.  We also eat a lot of salads.  Do you find you eat more salads in the summer?  I love to make simple salads with fresh greens, a bit of onion, nuts and fresh fruit topped with a light balsamic vinaigrette.  Iced coffee is the only coffee we drink this time of the year.  Popsicles are made by the truckload so we can have something refreshing after working outside.  {I'll be posting some more popsicle recipes over the next 2 weeks!}  And lemonade......I love lemonade.  It is one of the only things besides water that actually quenches my thirst.  {Lemonade recipes coming too!}

My husband thinks he's funny.  {well, he is funny but I won't admit that to him}  He told me the one thing he wishes he didn't have to deal with while working in the heat is the sweat in his eyes.  I agreed - it sure stings. I offered to make him a sweat band {mostly because I want to laugh when I see him wearing it} and he said "no thanks, I don't need a sweat band that looks like a sandwich bag".  Again with the insistence that the only thing I can sew is a re-usable sandwich bag!  Looks like my sewing machine will be dusted off and I'll need to whip up something else to show him I'm not a one-hit wonder.  hmmmpff!

I am sorry to report the oh-so cute wild bunny I discovered last weekend has found his way to my garden.  He must think this is the best life ever!  He/She has mowed down a number of things including every single kohlrabi plant.  You would never even know I planted kohlrabi if it weren't for the pathetic single purple sticks in the ground.

Strawberries are done for the season and somehow, I'm still harvesting asparagus.  Lettuce and herbs are picked daily, tomatoes are green and should be ready soon as should the sugar snaps, cabbage, broccoli, and kale.   I'm hoping they survive the hopping intruder.  I have flowers on my cuke and squash plants.  My potato plants are gi-normous, my beans are growing like crazy but not yet ready to give me the goods and the "field of beets" is looking bigger and better everyday.  Blueberry season is only a week or so away so you know what that means.....more jam to can!

The animals are doing well.  The coop girls are enjoying their box fan.  They get up on the roost and put their wings out so the fan cools them.  They are the lucky recipients of any lettuce that has bolted.  They also enjoy digging through grass clippings to find treasures.  Not a bad job for a chicken.  They don't know it yet but their new roommates will be joining them in a week.  Fingers crossed the new girls play by the rules.  {some of you chicken keepers may have seen the photo of Wilma the chicken above and thought uh-oh...she has mites.  The pulling of feathers in the chest is typically a sure sign of mites, however, her feather damage was a result of the mean girls.}

Jackson is much more calm now that he's a "big boy".  It's amazing how much he's changed.  He's still funny as heck but he isn't on the go constantly anymore.  Cait enjoys it too - it gives her a break from having to beat him down so often.  Oliver's hip is doing better so we're back to walking at the park.  Emerson is enjoying his walks a bit more now that we've changed where we walk.  Still in the park, but a different area. There's more trees, benches, etc to smell and pee on.

I will be hosting a giveaway very very soon.  I will give 2 packages of homemade lip balms {yes, plural, a few different delicious flavors!}away - 1 on this blog and 1 on the Cobble Hill Facebook page.  There will be flavors such as Chocolate Covered Orange, Strawberries and Cream, and Margarita.  Stay tuned!!

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

I love your photos! Especially the iced coffee. That is my favorite thing about summer. It's probably my all-time favorite drink!

Can't wait for the giveaway! :)

Liz said...

That iced coffee sure looks refreshing! I wish we had blueberries around here! Always enjoy your pictures.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Delightful photos!! And I've enjoyed the peak into what's going on in your world--A lot of heat here too, and so I totally understand about the portable stereo! Glad the Coop girls feel better, and I've got a feeling that the Frenchie Boys have forgiven you, and I'm sure YOU have forgiven that sweet little bunny...Right? :-)

Enjoy your week!!

daisy g said...

The photos are are stirring, to say the least. Such brilliant capturing of life.

Sounds like everything is movin' right along. I wish I could send you some cooler weather, but that ain't gonna happen! ;0) Better keep your fridge stocked with lemonade.

Mary said...

Your weekend sounds a lot like ours...hot and sticky with outdoor chores that needed to be done anyway. We battled bugs and briers to cut branches hanging over the pasture fence. Then we drove over to Delaware to pick up new sofas for our family room. Delaware has no sales tax, so it's worth the effort on big purchases. We had to wrestle them in through the patio doors. This heat makes every outdoor activity so much more exhausting! Because we've had so much rain, the mosquitoes are truly awful, as well. Ah, summer! This too shall pass. Your photos are gorgeous!!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all! Kim - I cannot say I've completely forgiven the bunny.....depends on the day. :) Mary you are right about the heat making every outdoor activity much more exhausting. And the mosquitoes are awful here too, also because of the rain. My body is full of bites. My husband says he's too miserable for them to bite him {he isn't though....}. :)

born imaginative. said...

That salad looks divine! I always love your weekend posts!