Oliver & Hattie in a stare down


what's left of the corn


Sam & Emma

Big Allie

new girls

brussels sprouts

lime green coneflower

gerbera daisies


gifts from coop girls Emma & Lizzie

purple coneflower

tomatoes at last

Friday, after I finished lunch, I took a peek outside and lo and behold saw one of the new coop girls enjoying the chicken hammock.  One minor problem......we don't HAVE a chicken hammock!  What she was enjoying was the netting that goes over the outdoor coop extension and is to protect them from flying predators.  The new girls are learning to fly so she must have done it just right to get up the side of the coop and landed, somehow, on the netting.  I ran out, thinking she may be caught up in the netting.  Nope.  Just enjoying the sunny 97 degree day.

Friday night's storm watered the garden well, however, has left me corn-less and with shrunken tomato plants.  Between the wind and the pounding rain, all my corn plants were beaten to the ground and the once 6-7 foot high tomato plants were quickly reduced to 4-5 foot high.  The difference lying between the rows, flowers and green tomatoes still on them.  I believe I've saved a few of the corn plants, but Jay isn't so optimistic.

We lost power from about 9:30p.m. until 3:45a.m. Saturday morning.  I know because I was still up, sweating and unable to soundly sleep.   The dogs, although hot themselves, felt the need to lay directly on me which didn't help with the sweat or the sleep part of it.  Today, however, is the complete opposite.  Low humidity, moderate temp's and beautiful.  All animals and people are in good moods.

In the garden my first round of broccoli, cauliflower & sugar snap peas are done.  Time to re-plant the fall harvest.  We are currently collecting blueberries, beets, lettuce, herbs, summer squash, kale, celery, regular peas, beans, & tomatoes.  The second round of carrots are getting taller and the cuke plants all have miniature cukes on them.....just waiting and waiting to pick and eat and pick and can.  The Asian Pears are getting bigger by the day and the melon plants have just begun to bloom.  I planted the cabbage under the protection of the huge brussels sprouts in hopes of tricking my little bunny friend.  So far so good.  I am not, however, feeling confident since every single year, just before harvest, all cabbages end up with big bite marks in them.  If they would just take a whole cabbage or two I wouldn't get so upset, but a bite in every single one????  Seems inconsiderate at best.

I plan on canning blueberries either Monday or Tuesday and hopefully the first round of pickles very soon.  My peppers aren't doing so good this year.  My mother's aren't either, so I'm not sure if it's the weather or the plants.  I've always had enormous pepper plants so it's a bit of a disappointment.  Out of the 12 plants only 4 are actually looking good.

The new coop girls are doing well and build up their bravery more and more everyday.  Emma and Little Lizzie, however, think this is the best thing ever!  They've always been the smallest girls and, therefore, have never had anyone else to pick on.  Now their dream has come true.  Lizzie toggles between being the coop girls leader to pecking them into place.  Her passive-aggressive tendencies are in full motion right now.  I suppose she should enjoy it while it lasts.  I figure by next weekend the tables may begin turning slightly.  We'll see.....

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter the lip balm giveaway!!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


elaine said...

Gorgeous close-ups - especially the one of the pea plant. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Unknown said...

Gardening has been a real adventure in the land of Georgia this year. Kind of glad we decided not to garden. Rain every day for almost 18 straight days, maybe one or two good days as of late. Very little sunshine to help fruit ripen. Lots of stuff going bad on the vine.

daisy g said...

Those chickens are quite entertaining, huh? ;0D

Glad you are able to harvest so much from your garden. We didn't fare well at all this year.

Photos are stunning, as always.

born imaginative. said...

My one year old just labeled your pictures! (Flower, chicken and mmm for stuff to eat). I've been in the replanting mode too for fall. Always something to do in the garden!

Meg said...

I need to get my butt in gear and plant our fall garden too! Sounds like you are getting a decent harvest! I've pretty much given up on anything but tomatoes. Chicken hammock... hehe! Maybe you should put one in the coop for her, since she seems to like it. :)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

The new girls are so darn cute! Precocious too, it seems :) Your Gerber daisy is gorgeous! Everything in your garden looks so great.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Diane - we've been fortunate in that we've also had a lot of rain, however, we've had lots of sun as well.

Thanks all! :)