purple coneflower

jay- hard at work

fresh roasted coffee-sugar scrub.....coming soon to CobbleHillFarmHandcrafted!!


I'm not sure what type of tree this is

homemade blueberries & cream popsicles

gifts from the coop girls

we're still getting blueberries!

homemade ravioli
We had a busy weekend of working around the house.  I'm so excited that my husband is FINALLY working on my kitchen.  Yippeeeeee!  He's installed a cabinet above the refrigerator and is putting up the crown molding today.  He still needs to paint and remove the radiator so we can move the refrigerator.  Counter tops are on hold as is new flooring, but hopefully next year those too will be replaced.  It's getting there.

It was a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and we all enjoyed it immensely.  I was able to can more blueberry jam and almost have enough cukes for relish.  The first batch of cukes came on strong and this one is coming bit by bit.  We're doing completely homemade items for gift-giving this Christmas, so I'm canning a bit more jam than usual.

The mean neighbors have moved.  Hooray!!!  Jay spent Friday afternoon clearing all the weeds and overgrown shrubs from around the stone wall.  We hadn't prior because it just wasn't worth it, getting the jerk next door all up in arms and threatening to call the cops {we encouraged him to do so} for us cutting down our own weeds.  {he thought we were getting too close to his prized daylilies}  He's a former cop who seems to wish he still were one.  They are now gone with a few states between us so life is good.

The animals, knock-on-wood, are doing well.  The new coop girls are finally {thanks to a bit of help from us} understanding this whole sleeping on a roost thing.  Last night we had 3 takers.  Fingers crossed the other 3 will be up there soon.  I don't like seeing them huddled in the corner on the floor and I shut off the nesting box option because of the mess I'm left with every morning.

My newest woodchuck "friend" has discovered the joy of digging and living under the garden shed.  This, of course, means my lettuce is completely mowed down as are my carrots.  I've tried to make a deal with him, that he takes half only, but he isn't in the deal making mood.  He's very selfish that little guy.  I have to stick with my looseleaf lettuce that will grow in my tall, shallow beds.  My carrots will still grow without their tops, I just have to go on a bit of a search to find them.

I believe we're supposed to get a few rain showers today which will make the dogs and the coop girls upset, {did you know French Bulldogs melt in the rain?  Emerson swears this is true} but my garden happy.

I'm hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Photo #6 would be in a frame hanging on my wall somewhere here at home if it were mine. Great color on that!

luckybunny said...

Everything looks great, that scrub looks awesome! Very happy that nasty neighbor is gone and hopefully the next people won't act like that. Sounds like a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I so enjoy your blog. Love your photos.

daisy g said...

Great photos, as always. Love seeing a slice of life on your homestead. Enjoy your week!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Those popsicles look delicious and the eggs are so gorgeous! Glad to hear your neighbors are gone and you can now live in peace!

Meg said...

Yay! I'm so glad your horrible neighbors are gone. There is nothing worse than having terrible neighbors (I have one that will be moving in September. I'm very excited!) Enjoy your rain! It's been so long since we've had some here...

elaine said...

Those blueberry and cream popsicles look scrummy - we would call them lollipops.

born imaginative. said...

Okay, my top three.

1) You can see your husband's reflection in the mirror. Great shot!
2) My kids would gobble those popsicles.
3) I want to make ravioli! I've made gnocchi, but not ravioli.

Love these posts! :)

Jenny said...

I believe Mountain Ash is the tree. Now, i'm hungry for the ravioli with fresh tomatoes. Glad the miserable people next door are gone. I'll never understand grumpy people.
My Pug melts in the rain too!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all!

Donna - I LOVE the coffee-sugar scrub. Well, truth be told, I love anything with coffee. :)

Nancy & Daisy - thank you so much for the very kind words!

Meg & Tammy - yes indeed, life is good now.

Elaine - they were very delicious. Made more delicious by the fact the blueberries came from our own patch. :)

Jackie - yes, I loved the photo of the truck because of his face too. The first one I took you couldn't see it so when I saw the second photo I knew that was my fav. :) You must make ravioli....very easy and oh so good!

Jenny - thank you!! I've been wondering what type of tree it is. I'm with you in not understanding the grumpy pants. Good to know Pugs melt too! :)