purple coneflower


a sad oliver & emerson


beans for fall


gifts from the coop girls


and more tomatoes to come

time to make more pesto

butternut squash

emerson & his caretaker oliver

chicken hawk Jack
What a week.  Without going into the long, drawn-out, misery I'll just say this.  I've struggled all week with a potential sinus infection.  My head has pounded all week and I've been, well, miserable.  So far, however, I've kept it at bay.

Oliver was a little off on Tuesday - we weren't sure if his hips were going to start acting up again or not.   So far not.  Emerson, however, has been very sick and went back to see his favorite Doctor.  We ran tests and found......nothing.  No surprise.  The Ducharme boys have a way of coming down with things that can't be detected.  We are sending out blood for a pancreatitis test so we'll wait and see what that says.  He is in a lot of pain, which we are trying to control with meds, but I just feel so bad for him.  Oliver is his self-appointed caretaker.  He grooms him, makes sure he goes potty with us, tests his chicken, rice and broth for him before he eats/drinks {very tough job}, and barks angrily at me if he thinks I've in any way hurt him.  He is quite the helper.

We are feeding Em a "bland" diet right now, which means I've been boiling chicken.  Jack, the self-proclaimed chicken hawk, is thrilled.  He knows when anyone {and I mean anyone} in the house has chicken, is thinking about having chicken, or has had chicken and insists on it being shared with him.  He is, as you know, an in-your-face kind of guy, so saying no is not an option.  Let's just say that Jack is enjoying the bland diet as well.

Daisy stopped pecking at her eggs!  Yippeee!!  I wrote about it in yesterday's Chicken Keeping post, but I'm so excited that she decided to stop.  We are finally harvesting her beautiful jumbo white eggs again.  She is the only white egg layer, so it was easy to tell when the habit was broken.

My garden, well, it has been invaded by wildlife this year which likely means a fence will be in our future.  We own less than an acre of land, so in trying to make our space work for us, we don't have the room to plant veggies for us AND all the wildlife {who I swear eat non-stop from the looks of my garden}.  So, we made the decision to reach out to a new CSA to see if they are still accepting members for the year and thankfully they are.  This week will be our first pick-up.  I'll be writing more on that and them later in the week.  We should be able to put up everything we need for fall & winter as well as have plenty of veggies for eating now.

My corn, which was knocked down in one of our storms this summer, is probably not going to make it after all.  Such a bummer.  In anticipation of it not surviving I bought 2 bags of corn {about 100 ears} from a local farmer and prepared it for the freezer.  I initially bought 1 bag thinking that should be close to enough but my husband was devastated.  He pleaded "but we're CORN people - we need more corn than that!"  I reminded him that if we were that desperate we could always buy frozen corn from the grocery store but that didn't go over so well.  I agreed and bought the second bag.  Needless to say we are set for corn this winter.

My horseradish plants are enormous so I'm hoping to make horseradish jelly very soon.  We use it with cheese and crackers {similar to the tomato jam}.  On the list of canning this week is Creamsicle Jelly {for yogurt stir-in},Corn Salsa, and Tomato Jam.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Leslie Kimel said...

Oh, no, I sure hope Emerson is feeling better soon. And I'm glad that Oliver is being such a good friend. It's so sweet that he's so concerned.

daisy g said...

Hope Emerson is on the mend. How frustrating when you don't know what it is that's bothering him. Glad he has Oliver to nurse him.

Your garden looks amazing! Stunning photos, as usual. Did you know that Birds & Blooms is having a photo contest? I definitely think you should enter. I will be.

Hope your week gets better and better...

Unknown said...

Your photos are worth a thousand words! Hope this week makes up for last week!

Unknown said...

Oh no!! I hope everything turns out okay for Emerson. :( And you too! That stinks about your garden...we've had some bad luck with ours too this year, but it's awesome that you guys have the CSA as an option. I can't wait to see what you pick up! Yay for no more broken eggs too! :) And I hope you post your corn salsa when you make it, it sounds amazing!! Hope your week gets better!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh man, sorry your boys aren't feeling well! And I hope you are doing ok now. Sinus infections suck big time! Daisy is a cute and I'm glad she's stopped pecking at her eggs. Hooray!

Meg said...

Poor guy! I hope Em is feeling better soon. At least he has a good nurse. :) I should have joined a CSA this year... Glad you're going to be putting up so much!

Mary said...

Sorry to hear about your poor sinuses. I have problem sinuses as well, and where we live is a big part of the problem, the allergist tells me. Hope you're feeling better soon, and little Emerson, as well. Love Daisy's floppy comb. Great photos!

born imaginative. said...

I can't believe you do all you do with less than an acre of land!

I've been drying my basil. I have always done pesto and froze. I wonder if I will enjoy having dried or miss having frozen come winter?

What do you do with elderberries? SOmeone said we have some, although I don't know what they are or what to do with them.

As always, your pics are grand.