this weekend's garden bounty

our new friend

banana cream pie


the great hunters

green beans

homemade pizza


jack {love how the front teeth show}

animal cookies

butterfly bush

oliver & emerson

Another beautiful weekend in this neck of the woods.  The heat and humidity will be back in the middle of the week and then back down to the upper 70's for next weekend.  The garden is doing well, as you can see from the photo at the top, although the critters stole every single new pea shoot of the fall crop of sugar snap peas.

This weekend was full of weeding, cleaning, painting {the kitchen trim}, cooking and chatting.  Saturday we worked around the house all day.  By evening I had the crazy idea of going out to the Ice Cream Man for a cone full of goodness.  Jay agreed and off we went.  The "single" cone, I kid you not, is a ball of ice cream about the size of a grapefruit.  My choice was Almond Joy and Jay's was Caramel Cashew.

Today we worked around the house this morning and then my sister-in-law and brother-in-law came by for a visit.  My SIL got the dogs all riled up, which they love, and now they're sleeping soundly.  Jack was in rare form and for no reason at all, bit my BIL in the ankle.  We joked that it was because he didn't bring enough money in the house for Jack to steal.

For those of you who wanted to know how the animal cookies turned out - they were great!  Taste like animal cookies!!  I did purchase the Princess Cake & Cookie flavoring, so I'm not sure they would taste like true animal cookies without it.  And since I had purchased the Princess Cake & Cookie flavoring, I began searching for additional recipes I could use it in and tried the Twinkling Good Vanilla Cupcakes {Twinkie knock-offs}.  The verdict?  They are very much Twinkie-like.  The cake itself is very good, although it doesn't taste exactly like a Twinkie but the filling, I think, from my recollection of a Twinkie {has been a very long time since I've had one}tastes a lot like it.

Emerson is feeling much better.  It was confirmed by the lab that he did, in fact, have Pancreatitis.  So, we'll be changing his food to a reduced fat kibble and watch him for any further issues.

The Coop Girls are doing well.  The new girls should start laying next month.  We've been reminding them of this.  Lizzie is looking better everyday, although I can't seem to convince her that she's done being broody for the year.  The older girls know it's getting close to garden clean-up time and can't wait for the opportunity.

Did you see the photo above of the woodchuck in the have-a-heart trap?  Yup - my hunting dog Oliver and hubby Jay caught the little rascal.  He's not the only one stealing from the garden, but he is the one who had the home under the garden shed.  He was officially evicted Saturday afternoon.  Ollie hunted him down and then Jay set the trap.  Ollie let Jay know when he was in, and off went Jay, with the trap, to relocate him to a much better area.  I bravely planted more lettuce......we'll see if that brings the others out of their hiding spots.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Tracy said...

Oh that pizza looks delicious. I am just writing my menu for the week and I think pizza will be on it now. YUM.
Even your pesky woodchuck looks cute. I've never seen one before.

Unknown said...

I am so glad Em is feeling better!!! Pancreatitis is just awful- makes them feel so yucky and painful. Give them all hugs for me :-) where did you guys take the woodchuck??

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tracy - I love homemade pizza. :) I had never seen woodchucks or chipmunks prior to moving to the east coast.

Sarah - well, he isn't too terribly far from us in a lovely corn field. :) I will definitely give the guys & girl hugs from you

Our Neck of the Woods said...

The animal cookies are so cute! It's awesome that they turned out so well. I'm glad to hear that Emerson is feeling better. Hopefully his new diet will help him stay well. Your pizza looks so good - I make homemade pizza so much around here!

daisy g said...

OMGosh, where do I start? I love the new header and the whole new look you've given to the blog. Of course, now I'm really gonna have to push myself to update mine!
Love the Dahlai Lama quote-I may steal it.


Glad your pooch is feeling more himself.

Enjoy your weather! We won't be seeing that for a while, but maybe we'll be in NC before fall!

Ice cream-what a treat! Glad you are enjoying your time at Cobble Hill.

Rita B Caldwell said...

You are so fortunate to have such an abundance from your garden this year. Ours stayed wet from the time we planted the first week of May through now. We've had over 20" of rain this summer with no opportunity to get in the garden to whip out the weeds and now they've taken over. We got onions and hopefully the potatoes haven't rotted. We had the best onion crop we've ever had and the garlic did well but it was in a huge tire by itself. We've also had a time with the groundhogs and getting rid of them slowly!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Your pictures are beautiful! I love the see the garden, flowers, and nature pictures.

Almond Joy ice cream? Oh, I'd be in heaven!!

Your animal cookies look so cute! I love those.

I'm glad Emerson is feeling better and I hope his new diet will help out.

I've never seen a woodchuck either in real life....is that like a ground hog? My parents has a family of them living underneath their corn crib building.

born imaginative. said...

So many parallels this week! Garden bounty, barred rocks, homemade pizza. And something else that I can't remember...how's that for mommy brain?!

And I'm glad E. is feeling better!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tammy - thank you. Yes, I hope his new diet will work too. :)
Daisy - you're too kind. Thank you so much!
Rita - we're about to begin digging up our potatoes and I'm very curious how they've fared with all our wet weather too.
Mary - thank you and yes, a woodchuck is a groundhog.
Jackie - thanks so much!!