brussels sprouts
tomato jam

Emerson & Oliver

Daisy & Wilma

the Coop Girls

cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze

asian pears

freezing green beans

a very tired Oliver

sun-bathing Emerson

green beans galore

green peppers



Coop Girl eggs
What a busy weekend full of beautiful weather!  On Friday my husband decided to do more tree trimming so we spent the latter half of the day cutting and stacking branches.  We're trying to get more sun to the garden and I think we've got a great start.  My husband gets a tad bit carried away {my opinion} with his trimming and pruning so he was trying to wheel and deal.  His attempts at "well those branches would make great buttons, coasters, tags, etc" only worked for the first few branches.  After that, I wasn't buying it.

Friday was also our 16-year anniversary.  Hard to believe it's been that long!  I made a very special anniversary dinner {grilled steak, crab from Pike Place Fish,fresh tomato & mozzarella salad} and cinnamon rolls for dessert.

Saturday we FINALLY received our new furniture.  We ordered it and paid for it 12 weeks ago and were told it would be about 4-6 weeks.  After the 9th week I inquired and was told they were waiting for one more piece but they should all ship at the end of that week.  When that didn't happen I called again....and again....and finally they were in.  We ordered from La-Z Boy Furniture and love the pieces.  Once I let Oliver and Emerson loose to check the stuff out, Oliver kept trying to jump on the couch and would continually fall off.  Why?  Because the couch was full of throw pillows and he couldn't figure out that he needed to push them off first.  It was pretty funny.

Saturday also brought more tree removal.  This time, however, Jay removed a dead tree that we've worried may fall on the barn in a storm.  A friend came and helped him out since they needed to lay it between the garden shed and the barn.  Thankfully it was a success.

Our garden is currently full of ripening tomatoes, mounds of green beans, summer squash, kale, herbs, potatoes, cukes radish and lettuce.  I re-planted Fall sugar snap peas {again} since the birds took off with the first round of seedlings.  I've been making tomato jam and fresh salsa with the tomatoes, and freezing tons of green beans.  The herbs are going in the dehydrator and I'll be making more dill pickles with the cukes.  My peppers, which had some issues this year, are finally coming around as are the eggplant and corn.  The kohlrabi is very slow to grow for some reason and the brussels sprouts are enormous!

One of the new girls is laying!!  In the egg photo above, the very first egg is a little blue one.  It's barely larger than a Quail egg - a beautiful little thing.

We discovered that the Coop Girls likely have a slight Vitamin A deficiency so I'll be giving them a mash supplemented with Cod Liver Oil this week.  Going into Fall, molt season, I want them to be as healthy as possible so they'll be getting the special mix as well as a bit more nutritional yeast and some extra squash and raw squash seeds.  The older girls are bit picky on their squash {it must be cooked}, so I'll be roasting some squash halves.

I'm starting to plan next year's landscaping - including adding flowers, hosta's, etc. to the chicken coop area.  This year I completed the front yard so next year will be around the deck, coop and garden shed.  I think I'll add a larger herb garden to the garden shed area.  I would love to add herbs or veggies around the coop area but, unfortunately, with all the chicken dust it would be a mess.  It's hard to believe I'm already planning for 2014.......

Speaking of time moving quickly, next weekend is my birthday weekend.  I'll be forty something.  :-)  When I hit forty-five I may be a tad worried but for now I'll attempt to enjoy it.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Happy 16-year anniversary! How awesome! And happy early birthday as well :) I love birthday and anniversaries.

How did you know that your girls may have a Vitamin A deficiency? What were the symptoms? Just curious!

Kathi said...

Happy anniversary!

~Kathi @ oakhillhomestead.com

Tracy said...

Happy anniversary. Great pictures of your weekend.

daisy g said...

Happy anniversary to you both! Sounds like it's workin' for ya!

What a productive weekend. Your plants all look so healthy. I can't imagine being able to grow and harvest all of that in the throes of summer.

The boys look mighty relaxed. So glad they have each other. ;0)

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!! My hubby get's carried away trimming too, more like butchering! lol

Mary said...

happy Anniversary!! Your dinner sounds delicious! Whenever I see Emerson and Oliver sleeping, I have an overwhelming desire to take a nap. I know they cuddle with each other, are they good people cuddlers? Are we going to see pics of the new furniture?? We bought a new family room sofa this summer and I've been waiting to make new pillows before I blog about it. The end of summer sends me into a flurry of cleaning and decorating, much more so than spring.

Meg said...

Happy Anniversary! 16 years... that's awesome! Sounds like a great weekend. You can never too much extra wood/branches lying around. I can't even think of planting anything else right now. Everything is brown and dead (except for the weeds of course, they're green and happy) and I'm so sick of the garden. lol! Happy early birthday!

Leslie Kimel said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a great weekend. You sure took some great pictures! I always love your Oliver and Emerson shots. Those guys are such characters. And your cinnamon rolls look absolutely heavenly!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much all! Mary - yes, the boys love to cuddle with each other and definitely like to cuddle with their parents as well. Not always so sweet on hot, humid nights. :) Meg - funny how weeds are always green, isn't it? My garden has plenty of those right now. :)

Snooks said...

All of your garden vegetables look wonderful. Emerson and Oliver are just as cute as ever and I see you have added square footage to your run. Very nice indeed. Congrats on your anniversary and happy birthday. The 40 somethings are a bit hard to find the get-used-to factor. I am still working on that myself and not looking forward to anything close to 45 or beyond. You sound like you had a very full weekend and YAY for new furniture!!

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Unknown said...

I absolutely love you blog. So much so that I am getting my chicken coop next week to try my hand at raising my own flock!

Do you, or any of your blog followers, know of a breeder of Plymouth Rock/Barred chickens in the Allentown, PA area? So far I have only found Rhode Island Red hybrids. Thanks! :)


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Snooks - thanks so much!

Michelle - thank you and congrat's on the coop!! I don't know if any breeders in that area but I'll post the question on our facebook page to see if anyone responds.