a chilly morning

the last sunflower


fall is coming....

fall flowers

eggs from the coop girls

fall beets

butternut squash


pumpkin pie soap

Big Allie


business cards are finally here

poblano peppers

more tomatoes!

This weekend has been, well, interesting.  The good news, is the weather has changed back to Fall again.  Hooray for that!  We had a brief stint of heat and humidity that has now been escorted out by a cool front.

On Friday, J had the dogs help push the neighbors Guinea's back to his property.  In the midst of this, Oliver got injured.  He strained his neck.  Back to his favorite Doctor we went and it's been a weekend of rest and pain med's for the poor little guy.  My plans of getting things done were halted a bit to take care of him.  You see, he's spoiled.  I know, I know, this is very shocking.  But when any of the critters are sick they get what they want and Ollie must have his Mama right next to him or he gets himself all upset, shakes and vomits.  I went grocery shopping on Saturday and left J sitting next to him, as soon as I came home J said "please get in here and see Oliver right now".  Sure enough Ollie was a wreck and as soon as he calmed down, all the lunch I was finally successful in getting him to eat came out.

A word about Guinea's.  I have never raised them, personally, and hope to someday when we have much more property.  If you are considering bringing these oddly beautiful birds to your family, let me ask you to please consider how much space they will have.  My neighbor has probably over an acre, but under 2 acres.  It's not enough space.  From my limited experience, Guinea's travel and they need to know everything.  Knowing isn't enough, they must chatter and rant about much of it.  Read as, they are loud.  The next door Guinea's announce all comings and goings from their own property as well as our property.  They visit all of the neighbors, chattering up a storm.  I don't mind it - I get it, but other neighbors aren't so thrilled about having poultry in their yards.  You may even want to talk to your neighbors first if they may be affected.

Our Facebook page is almost to 1,000 likes!  Woo hoo!  Once we reach 1,000 we'll have a Cobble Hill Handcrafted Soap giveaway.  Actually, make that 3 giveaways.  Yes, you read that right - you will have 3 chances to win:  1 if you follow our blog {thru Bloglovin', RSS Feeds, etc.}, 1 if you have liked our Cobble Hill Farm Facebook page, and 1 if you like our Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Facebook page.  Three gift baskets full of our new products {soap, lotion, sugar/salt scrub, lip balm}. A perfect gift for yourself or to give to someone special over the Holidays.

The Cobble Hill Handcrafted Soap store will be opening in the next couple of weeks - just waiting for some backordered product.  Business cards, labels and containers have all arrived over the last 2 weeks.  My teeny tiny craft room is overflowing and a mess but it smells delicious.

We are still getting goods from the garden but it sure is slowing down.  I'm still getting tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, herbs, radishes, squash, beets and potatoes.  My pepper plants, which have struggled all year, are finally in full production.  Nothing like waiting until the end of the season.....

Happy Sunday!!  Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Your business cards are great! How exciting! And I have to agree on the guineas. We have 20 acres and about 30 guineas, and sometimes I don't think we have enough space! They do get very loud and tend to travel out pretty far. They like to visit the cows in the field across from our property!

Gardeningbren said...

This was such a good post, seeing what you were harvesting, catch up on the boys, your words about Guinnies which we did have years ago on a large property. They are all you say and more ;-) The give away will be appreciated I am sure. Seeing your soap I could almost smell them! And the rant...high five for that.. So true. Happy gardening and good luck on the new venture.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Tammy - thanks so much! And thanks for your thoughts on Guineas. I'm loving that I'm learning so much about them from a distance, and had no idea how much room they really need.

Brenda - thank you so much!!

Unknown said...

So excited for you and your products you will be selling. My baby dog "puppy" is the same way. If I stay gone too long during the day she refuses to eat which in turn makes her sick to her stomach. I have babied her so much that she expects it all the time and if she doesn't get it she lets me know she isn't happy. About your experiences with customer service - I worked in an animal hospital for 17 years and excellent customer service was one of the things we were known for. Through the years I have often commented on the fact that our animals hospital had better customer service than most of the human doctor's offices I have visited over the years.

daisy g said...

I am right there with ya! Great customer service is hard to find. Our grocery store is the absolute BEST at customer service, and fortunately for us, they are moving into North Carolina, where we will soon be.

You've got a lot going on! I'll bet your soaps smell amazing!

Leslie Kimel said...

I'm so excited about your soap store opening! And your pictures from the weekend are just beautiful.

I sure hope Oliver's neck is feeling better soon. Poor little fellow!

luckybunny said...

Loved these picture as usual - I am in love with that soap, looks divine! As does that butternut squash, he's going to be yummy! :)

born imaginative. said...

Can we hang out some weekend? :)