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beautiful Fall leaves

coop girl gifts

Trouble, er...I mean Jackson

a new squash plant is coming!

still getting tomatoes

today's squash harvest


Well, it's been a whirlwind week.  Thank goodness J took time off and agreed to help me.  Between food preservation, making soap, lotions, etc. and just general everyday living, we are all pooped.  We were supposed to take day trips around the area to visit places we'd never been.  That didn't happen.  I guess he'll just need to take more vacation so we can try it again!

When Emerson first came into our family he almost immediately made a lifelong dibs on any food that hit the floor.  This means until death, he is the first one to get the opportunity to eat what's been dropped.  {he's a tad bit obsessed with food}  Well, by Saturday, he didn't give one care as to what was dropped.  I dropped a slice of apple while making the Apple Slab Pie which he would have typically inhaled in a matter of seconds but for once he didn't even open an eye to see it.  All the critters have been so busy supervising us and trying to figure out why their schedule is not routine, that I think we've exhausted them.

Speaking of Emerson, when we went to Rhode Island we came across a Frenchie on the beach.  He was the same coloring as Oliver, but about twice his size.  That's right.....twice.  We stopped to see the handsome fellow only to find out this guy weighs in at 39 pounds.  To give you an idea - Oliver weighs 21 pounds and Emerson weighs 28-29 pounds.  He weighed 10 pounds more than Emerson!!  I wanted to take a photo but thought it would be rude to ask to photograph the big boy so I didn't.  He was taller than my guys, longer than my guys and a bit more round than Em. 

We lost a coop girl on Friday.  One of the new Barred Rock pullets must have had a prolapsed vent sometime in the night Thursday into Friday.  We always pet each of the girls and look at them every night when putting them to bed so it had to have happened in the middle of the night.  She may have been straining to lay during the day and we hadn't seen her.  Anyway, when J went to get them up Friday morning, her insides were now outside.  We think the other girls began picking at her vent which, eventually, led to them accidentally pulling everything out.  She was in shock so we did what we had to do to get her out of pain immediately.  I realized, after her passing, we still haven't taken the time to name the new girls so this poor little thing died without a name.  I decided that was our next priority.

Jack, you'll be happy to hear, is up to his old antics again.  Although we haven't left any money around to steal, he thinks it's amusing to steal anything he can carry from J's end table in the living room.  He doesn't bother mine so much, but he does enjoy taking his Dad's stuff.  This, of course, get's J bothered when he can't find, say, his reading glasses for example.  Jack waits to hear "Jackson!" yelled then runs around the house with glee.  Seriously, with glee.  If the guy could smile he would be grinning from ear-to-ear.  He loves it!

It's almost October!  As you know, October will be pumpkin recipe month for our blog.  Additionally, toward the end of the month we'll be starting a few series such as 8 weeks of Fudge Recipes, 8 weeks of Food Gift Recipes, and 8 weeks of Soup Recipes.  The Holidays are coming!!

I'll leave you with a few photos of our day trip to Rhode Island.  We go there every year.  Partly because we love it and partly to visit the area where J's parents were buried at sea.  We dream of having a farm there {it's quite pricey for land} so that's the "win the lottery" dream.

George's and Salty Brine State Beach
 We always visit Galilee first and the Salty Brine State Beach is our favorite.

We always wear flip flops so we can take off our shoes to walk the beach.

We walk along the beach....

....and in the water....

....admiring the beauty around us.

we always stop and chat with the seagulls 
{Oliver and Emerson know them as sea chickens because to them, every bird is a chicken}

We can't wait for lunch.
Champlin's is the ONLY place to eat fresh seafood {according to us}.

We always think we'll be able to also enjoy an ice cream treat, but we're always too full from lunch.

We then walk down to the Block Island Ferry dock.

And along the walk we always watch for the Coasties.
{J is retired from USCG}
Semper Paratus!

We enjoy the scenery from the ferry dock before heading back to the car.

Next, we drive to the Point Judith Lighthouse.
More Coasties to visit.
This is where J's parents were buried at sea.

We talk to mom and dad while admiring the beauty.
This year we asked mom to stop flickering the light......

We also looked at some of the damage caused by the last hurricane.

The smell of salt air lingers as we drive away.
The sand left on our clothes and in our shoes always makes us chuckle when we return home.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sunday!!


Unknown said...

Looking forward to comparing pumpkin posts!! Great shots!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I always so enjoy reading 'what's happening' with you. I am sorry about your new little girl, but on the flip-side am glad you had a wonderful trip, what a beautiful place to dream about and visit!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful fall you are having! I am jealous...ours turned immediatly to rain...not even Seattle-liker rain, but drenching, constant rain. It feels like winter!

Sorry about the loss of one of the girls. That is never fun to go through.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Wow, you've been getting a lot of squash! It's my favorite thing this time of year. Jackson's face always cracks me up. He looks so intense!

Sorry about your little coop girl :( That is so sad. I can't wait to hear all the names you pick out!

Meg said...

Such beautiful pictures! I'm glad Jack is still up to his old games. ;)

daisy g said...

So sorry for your loss. She was well loved and that's what really matters.

What a wonderful trip! I can see why you want to end up there. That looks like a real vacation!

luckybunny said...

39 pounds??? Was he bigger overall or just really chunky? I used to have a lot of people ask me if my Pug was purebred (before he was full grown) because he wasn't as fat as a lot of pugs are, on purpose! It's not good! LOL. I loved your pictures, really beautiful, the beach! wow. And your stories about the dogs too :) great post!

born imaginative. said...

Sorry to hear about your coop friend. Takes my breath away everytime.

Love your eye for pictures...esp. in Rhode Island.