new girl eggs on the left and big girl eggs on the right
one of the bantam Barred Rocks

daisies are gone.....

the changing of leaves



the neighbors guineas

still getting tomatoes!


Big Allie

sunflowers are still beautiful

the boss - Jackson

the other bosses - Oliver and Emerson

It still feels like Fall is creeping in and I'm welcoming it with open arms.  Saturday we ran errands and then mowed the grass so we could get the first {of many} rounds of Fall leaves.  I have no doubt that the next few weekends will be leave gathering weekends - a small price to pay for the beauty of it all.

I made a roast chicken the other night for dinner and then spaghetti and meatballs with eggplant parm on Saturday - Fall comfort food at it's finest.  I'm starting to make more breads again and we had Chicken Tortilla soup for lunch.  One of our favorites.

In my garden the cukes have finally given in to the season.  The pepper plants, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, squash, beans, beets, potatoes, scallions and pear tree are still showering us with gifts.  The Brussels sprout plants are absolutely enormous.  They should be ready soon as should the winter squash.  I love the sprouts roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.  Delicious.

Our neighbors let their entire barnyard out for a free range roam on Saturday.  Actually, it started on Friday with a visit from the Guineas.  Down our driveway they marched, hollering and chattering the entire way.  When they got to the end of the driveway, they realized they'd gone the wrong way, so back toward the house they came.  Once they got to J's shop, they weren't sure if they should go back to their own yard or hang out in ours.  When the crazy little dogs with the big mouths and equally big ears {Oliver & Emerson} starting frantically barking at them, this made their decision all the easier.  Back to their property they went.

Saturday we had the Guinea's, on their property, facing us and hollering at the top of their little lungs.  They weren't helping me out any because now, after hours of the hollering and chanting, J says no Guineas.  I'm hoping he'll change his mind when we have more property.  We suddenly had chickens that didn't belong to us and could hear the rustling of the goats and steer.  I thought for sure we'd end up with a goat or two in our yard but no luck.  Just Guineas and chickens.

Speaking of chickens, our new girls {sorry to report they are still un-named but we're working on it} are laying frequently now!  Their eggs are the cutest little things ever.  Although they'll never be large like the others since these girls are bantams, they should increase slightly over the quail size they are currently.  They are perfect for omelets and scrambled eggs.

The dogs and Jack are enjoying "their" new living room furniture.  I keep meaning to take a photo of them all sprawled out on it - I'll try to remember this week.  Cait was allowed to enjoy the couch one day that is until Jackson decided her time was up.  I don't know who appointed him, but apparently he's the furniture boss.  It suits him well since he believes he's the boss over the majority of the house.

I'm hoping the temp's are changing for all of you, wherever you live.  Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Meg said...

I'm so jealous! Our weather won't change until the end of October. We are still in the upper 90's, and to make it worse the past week and half has been humid and sticky. This is when I want to move to Alaska. ;)

Those eggs are just beautiful! Very pretty colors. Your girls should be very proud!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Those are some gorgeous eggs! Wow! And the bantam barred rock is so cute. I love bantams! I think you definitely need lots of acreage for guineas. They can be very loud, but once they get used to their surroundings it's tolerable ;)

Snooks said...

Your garden sounds so nice. All of those wonderful veggies it is giving you. Are all the farm animals that came visiting from your new neighbors by chance??? Or do you have new neighbors yet??? Just wondering... Love the photos of Oliver and Emerson such cutie pies. Have a great week Stacie
@ 3Beeze Homestead

Leslie Kimel said...

The new-girl eggs are just beautiful-what little gems. Love the portrait of Oliver. Who could possibly resist those eyes?

I always talk about wanting to get guineas. I didn't even know they were loud. I guess I need to do a bit more research!

Flat Creek Farm said...

The eggs are beautiful! I should "fire" my chickens, but I love them too much ♥ Even when the weather is ideal and they're not moulting, we only get 3-5 eggs at max from 11 hens :) Your pics are gorgeous! I enjoyed reading your update, and especially about the guineas! I'd sure like to have some as well ;) -Tammy

born imaginative. said...

I feel like I"m playing house with mini eggs! :) Always love your weekends!

luckybunny said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so happy for the cooler weather and being able to start eating all those hearty warm comfort foods again too!