sage is still growing in the garden
homemade pasta on the makeshift drying rack

Daisy in the brussel sprouts garden bed

we are continuing to harvest curly leaf Kale

Lori also enjoys the brussel sprouts bed

Wilma headed back to the pumpkins

Rosemary continues to grow

Point Judith, RI

Salty Brine Beach, Galilee, RI

Salty Brine Beach, Galilee, RI

Galilee, RI

Well, the frost has finally found us.  We have been enjoying the chilly Fall days.  J and I decided to take a day trip to Rhode Island on Saturday and enjoy the brisk weather at the beach.  It was indeed chilly {and very breezy}, but beautiful.

Although our trip started off a bit rough {flat tire about an hour from home}, it got better from there.  We can be thankful it was only a flat tire and that my Jeep came with a full tire for a spare.  This was both of our first flat tires.  Ever.  And wouldn't you know that I took my manual out of the Jeep 3 years ago when I bought it, to look up how to get the heated mirrors turned on, and never put it back in?  When you're stuck on the side of the Thruway, with vehicles whipping by at 75+ miles an hour, and your husband says "hey, I need the manual to find the jack and to figure out how to get the spare tire to release", that's when your stomach feels sick because you know exactly where the manual is. 

At home.

1 hour away.

Thank goodness we had cell reception and google became my best friend.  There's a video on just about anything, including how to find the jack and how to release the spare tire on a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Yippee!  We went through each video and all was well.

I agreed with a stop at Cabela's in Hartford, CT because I felt so bad about everything that had happened.  My husband was thrilled.  It's a sportsmen's dream, that store.  I stayed in the Jeep and let him have his fun.  He came out ready for the last hour or so of our drive.  It's a 4 hour drive for us, each way, so it makes for a long day.  Very long.

I was sick just about all week with a sinus infection.  I tried something I'd read about, maybe you have to?  I drank 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar in a small glass of water daily.  While this wasn't a "cure" it certainly cut down the mucus, and, therefore, took away a lot of the pressure and pain.  I still had a temperature for 2 days and felt quick icky, but I could breathe and my head began feeling relief about 2 hours after drinking the vinegar.  I didn't need an antibiotic either which I almost always do with my infections.  Crazy isn't it?  Despite it tasting disgusting, I will definitely do it again since I get them frequently.  Frequently because, as my allergist likes to remind me, I choose to live with all the things I'm allergic to. 

Such is life.

I made spicy chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles for lunch today.  There's nothing better on a cold Fall day.  Pot roast is for dinner tonight.  Another Fall favorite.

We are getting everything prepared for a craft show next weekend.  Little by little the soaps are curing so, knock-on-wood, most of them will be ready for the show.  I'm working on new products -  herbal salves based on salves used by my Grandmother.  I love herbal salves - they are fantastic for healing so many things!  I'm hoping those will be ready in the next month.  We'll have one for diaper rash, one for minor cuts, burns, etc. and one for aiding in breathing when congestion sets in.  We're using herbs we grew and dried as well as a few purchased for the infusions.  Next year I'm going to try to grow and dry all the herbs we'll need for the products.

The Coop Girls are molting.  It seriously looks like someone took a dozen down-feather pillows, opened them up and scattered them all over the coop.  This means egg production is down to almost nothing.  The newest Bantams, however, are too young for a full molt this year so we should continue getting the teeny tiny eggs if nothing else.  On Sunday the Coop Girls worked on yard and garden clean-up.  I found another tick on Emerson when I brought them out this morning so I put the girls right to work.  They tell me it's a hard job but they can do it.  Keeping them in the actual grass is something easier said than done since the garden beds in the Fall are so much more fun.  The dirt is soft from me pulling up plants - a chickens dream come true.  So it's safe to say I have very few ticks in the garden.

Can you believe the Holidays are right around the corner?  Next week I start my "8 weeks of Fudge", "8 weeks of Homemade Christmas Gifts", "5 weeks of Soups", and "8 weeks of Homemade Food Gifts" series.  I've already started writing my Christmas letter that goes in our cards to family and friends and I need to get photos taken for our Christmas cards.  Usually all the animals {Coop Girls included} get some festive clothing to wear while the dreaded camera snaps photo after photo.  The most spectacular photo gets the front of the card.  One year it was Lucy Lou {Coop Girl} in her red Christmas collar.  She was sporting her festive wear quite proudly.

We also have another giveaway!  We'll be posting a soap giveaway this week - open to all, including those outside of the U.S. 

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

My sage and rosemary is still growing, too! I actually just harvested a bunch of the sage to dry just in case it doesn't last much longer.

I'm glad you enjoyed your road trip after the rough start! The photos are beautiful :)

Reifyn said...

I was excited when I saw the photos: I thought sure the pasta one was going to be captioned "Our home-grown pasta on the pasta tree".
Nice to be reminded of New England with the RI photos. I could almost smell the salt air.

daisy g said...

I may have to try that sinus remedy, as I am often congested. It sounds better to me than antibiotics.

Looking forward to your balms. I've been dealing with a skin problem on my hands and want to quit using the stuff the dr. gave me.

Everything sounds like it is moving right along with you! Glad you were able to get away and that you're safe and sound back home.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pasta! We are long overdue for making some. Maybe next weekend!

Both my husband and I LOVE the onderful goodies from your Etsy shop! I am putting together a gift list for christmas so look out for another order :)

Anonymous said...

Staci - love all the photos as usual, but that pasta makes me feel like I am back in Italy! Sorry about the flat, seems as though you made the best of situation. Chickens in costumes make me laugh a laugh I really need. Thanks for sharing your weekend. xokim

Trish said...

I really want to make homemade pasta!! I have a lot to learn though - I would not have thought to dry it... I can't wait for the upcoming series'!!! :)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all!

Reifyn - yes, that would have been a good caption indeed!

Lauren - thank you so much for all your kind words about our products. I'm so happy you enjoy them.

Kim - chickens in costumes photos coming toward the holidays! :)

Trish - you really should try homemade pasta, it's delicious! You can freeze it too, once it's dried. :)

Unknown said...

As a fellow sinus infection sufferer and newbie to your blog this post could not have been better timed. I tried the apple cider vinegar yesterday morning…tastes wretched but if it works I can keep it up. How long did you take it for?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Mariah - yes it does, in fact, taste wretched. :) I did add a teaspoon of honey - doesn't mask the vinegar but made it just a touch more tolerable. I used it for just over a week - until I felt pretty confident I was over it.

born imaginative. said...

I always love your weekend posts. It's sort of a treat when I'm late in getting around to them and I have a reminder of weekend on Wednesday (which I thought was Tuesday).

I just bought a hand crank pasta maker at a thrift store for $4. Haven't tried it yet. What do you use to make noodles?