lovely rain

homemade soap!


stumps remain where the trees are now gone....

Coop Girls Emma and gang

Not a very exciting weekend here - which is all right with me.  It's was a busy week so we decided a weekend of relaxation was in store.  Perfect too since today is rainy and slightly gloomy.

J was able to get quite a bit done around the house this week including cutting down about 10 trees from our property.  Although I'm not a fan of cutting down trees, in this case he was successful in convincing me it needed to happen.  Three of them were dead and needed to come down before nature took them down, and four were blocking potential sunshine on the garden.  The others were taken down to allow the other trees around them to flourish. 

After the trees came down the Coop Girls were let loose to continue their Fall garden clean-up.  While molting is almost completed for most of them, a couple of them are just starting.  Poor Allie has no feathers on her head right now.  She looks quite funny but I tell her she's beautiful.  A girl needs a self-esteem boost when she's feeling kind of sick!

Speaking of the garden, we're still harvesting beets, kale, celery, radish, green onions and herbs!  I think this is the longest we've ever harvested!  It's cold but not consistently yet.  I'm also starting to plan next year's garden which will grow in size yet again.  As we gain more confidence in our gardening abilities we add more things we would typically buy or that we would like to try.  We'll be expanding the herb garden by double so we can grow most of what we'll be using in our bath and body products line.  We'll be adding loofah {sponges} to the list of new plants for next year, for the product line, and more greens, carrots, corn and melons for eating.  I don't have good luck with melons but I think, with the sun the downed trees will allow, we may finally be successful with them.

The boys don't venture far from the pellet stove on cold nights which has already begun.  Jack and Cait have made themselves comfortable in the pellet stove room as well.  It's funny how much they all love the intense heat.  They love to watch the fire, Jack in particular, as well as sleep in the comforting heat.

I'm currently waiting for ingredients and containers before I can make more body care products.  We think we have a craft fair coming up next weekend but, as we've come to learn, there's no guarantee until the check is cashed and we've received notification we really are in.  We found that just because we are told there's a space doesn't mean anything unless they receive our check and application before anyone else's.  In the meantime, I'll just keep making the good smelling stuff.

I've got the crockpot working today - trying a new recipe for Asian Braised Pork Ribs.  They smell incredible!  Hopefully they taste as good as they smell......

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Can't wait for your product to be available here in Canada! Good luck with melons next year. We found our sandy soil we used to have great for growing melons, even watermelons grew and we used to live in northern Ontario!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I enjoy weekends that are a bit slow, but still have time to get some things done. :) I'm excited that you're making your garden even bigger next year and can't wait to see what all ya'll grow! The loofah plant sounds interesting!! Have a great week!

Sue Frelick said...

Lovely photos of a lovely weekend. Where do you order your body care ingredients?

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I'm glad you were able to chill out and relax over the weekend. You have been so busy lately! But of course that's a good thing :) I can't believe you are still harvesting so much stuff! We cleaned out our garden weeks ago. Although David said he was looking around a few days ago and saw some garlic shoots coming up!

Gardeningbren said...

Your blog post made me feel warm all over. Good to relax but must say am excited about your garden plans. Check out your local nurseries as some are almost giving away the perennial herbs at discount and it isn't too late to tuck them in I don't think (if the roots are not disturbed and they aren't too root bound).

The soap slices...just want to eat that!!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Cathy - good to know about sandy soil and melons! Mary - yes, slow weekends from time-to-time are good. Sue - I'll email you the info. Thanks Tammy. Thanks Brenda for the tip - great idea!!