the bits of snow leftover from last night

Oliver and Em by the pellet stove

Coop Girl gifts

homemade soap!

our Catskill Mountain soap!

tiny bits of greenery left in the garden - green onions and oregano

poor Allie is just now molting

Jack enjoying his new couch and the afternoon sun

It's chilly here.  This morning was 12 degrees but with the wind chill they estimated it to be in the low single digits.  Oliver wasn't a happy boy when it was time to do his business.  The Coop Girls aren't in very positive spirits either since we didn't let them out of the coop until a little later.  They only stayed out for about a half hour before we scooted them back in.  No need in them getting frostbite on their combs.  Our high temp today is 22 degrees.  A great day to stay inside.

We had a craft show this weekend with our Cobble Hill Farm Handcrafted Soap products.  We were signed up for Saturday and Sunday but there just wasn't much for traffic flow so we opted to pack it up Saturday evening.  Of course, it also didn't help that out of 45 vendors, 8 of us sold soap and, what we didn't know until we arrived, the orchard store that we were selling at also sold homemade soap inside their store.  I will say, what we have found through the craft shows we've done, is that we still stand out among the other soap vendors and have no problem selling our products, but we need people coming to the show to sell it to.

It was snowing and very windy on our way home from the show last night and we passed an Amish horse and buggy going the opposite direction.  As we rode in our warm vehicle with the heated seats turned on I couldn't imagine how chilly that must have been riding in the buggy!  And how blinding it would be with the snow blowing from the heavy wind.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?  We are potentially getting snow Tuesday into Wednesday which will make it very festive if it comes.  After Thanksgiving our Christmas decor goes up.  Can't wait!  What I wish, however, is that the Holidays didn't zoom by.  I don't agree with the retail stores promoting Christmas right after back-to-school is down, however, I do love the festivity of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The pellet stove is in full swing and the boys have planted themselves directly in front of it.  I can't blame them.  Today I've spent much of the day picking up my house.  I had ingredients for my products get lost in the mail last week and didn't get them until Friday afternoon which meant the remainder of Friday and into Saturday morning I spent making lotions.  My house took the fall for it.  It looked like a bomb exploded.  Today it's feeling much more organized.  Don't you feel better when your house is in order?  I know I do, it stresses me out to have stacks and piles all over.

Tonight is a relaxing evening spent cuddling with the boys and Cait.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Reifyn said...

Jack's ears are down: he must hear you coming with the camera.
Do you ever trade with the other vendors at the craft-shows you go to? When I sold veg & things at farmers' markets I would trade at the end so I didn't bring too much back that we wouldn't immediately need. That, and grew veg (such as carrots & spinach) in portable boxes with handles so that if someone wanted to buy, they get it freshly harvested just for them, and we wouldn't have to pull it up unless selling it.

daisy g said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR, that's cold. So glad you have that pellet stove, and apparently, so are the boys!

I also abhor the stores putting up Christmas stuff right around Halloween. Keeps it from seeming so special.

Hope you have a wonderfully productive week. Somehow, I know you will. ;0)

Kat said...

Even with the lack of "show" at the show, it sounds like a lovely and productive weekend Staci. I can't believe you guys have snow already! This former MD-turned-CA girl is SO envious. It sounds like Thanksgiving might be a true "over the river and through the woods" sort of affair--how exciting! Hope you and yours have a great Monday--

Sue Frelick said...

It looks like your pups have the right idea, curling up by the wood stove. ;-) Bummer about the craft show. Those organizers were NOT thinking straight when they let 8 soap vendors into the same show! Maybe they were newbies. Yes, I feel a zen experience start to spread through my body when the house is in order. ;-)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

The boys are soooo cute cuddled up together in front of the stove! How sweet. Sounds really cold there! It's in the low 30s here and I thought that was cold. I definitely agree with you about having your house in order. I feel so scatterbrained when the house is messy. It really does affect your mental state!

Meg said...

It's funny you say that about house cleaning. Two weeks ago when I deep cleaned the house I felt AMAZING. My house is dirty again, I haven't had time to clean very well, and I've been feeling very low. Just makes you kind of crazy!

I haven't done a two day craft show with soaps yet, but when I did one for knitting it was just awful. Same thing, no one showing up and I was having to compete with store made stuff. I learned how to be picky about which shows I do. :)

born imaginative. said...

I grew up in Northern NY, which I swear 1/2 of the county is Amish. Brings back good memories! :)

Tracy said...

Looks very cosy in your home Staci.

luckybunny said...

Love the picture and very glad to hear among the other soap sellers you do stand out - that's very positive and can be hard to do... you've done a good job of it. Sorry it wasn't buisier though. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!