the Coop Girls are laying again!

our Bare Naked with Oats soap

Oliver and Emerson always must be touching when they sleep

Oliver with his lip stuck in his teeth

our Peppermint Cocoa lip balm

our Catskill Mountain soap - I love the frosting-like texture

we have a bit of snow on the ground

Well, I guess you can tell what a busy weekend it was by the fact that my weekend wrap-up is being posted on Monday.  :)

It has been a chilly weekend although high temps should be in the 40's this week.  A heat wave of sorts.

We had Thanksgiving at our house.  Oliver and Emerson spent the day by the pellet stove until food was served, that is.  They quickly moved to the dining room of course once the food appeared.  We had a little bit of snow on the ground making it feel festive.  I wanted to get our Christmas Tree put up over the long weekend, but we had a craft show Friday through Sunday so that didn't happen.

Thursday night we finished preparing our products for the craft show, not knowing how busy we would actually be.  The venue is an old Shirt Factory that has been converted into studio spaces, mostly for local artists.  Although the spaces are heated the hallways, where all of the craft vendors set up, were not.  Our hallway, thankfully, had the bright sun coming through the windows for at least half the day so we stayed warm on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday, not so much.

All-in-all we had a successful weekend.  We met a ton of wonderful people, many of whom were as passionate about natural bath and body products as we are.  We had great questions and feedback.  We sold a LOT of products and have people already ordering more.  We have a craft show this coming Sunday and then the following Saturday and Sunday wraps it up for 2013.  We'll be trying to get into a few local farmer's markets for 2014 in addition to some local craft shows.  We are also adding a candle line in the next few weeks.

The critters of Cobble Hill Farm were slightly neglected {in their eyes} by us this weekend.  Although Jay was home more than I was and, of course, they had Miss Sarah when we weren't here, they prefer Jay and I be here together and that just didn't happen.  This morning I got a good talking to by the Coop Girls and Oliver, Emerson, Jack and Cait are quite clingy.  They are all supervising me making soap.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


Anonymous said...

I adored that bar of soap! I will be ordering more of the bare naked at some point for sure! I just finished my bar tonight! Happy productive weekend!

Sue Frelick said...

It sounds like a successful show, which is great after last weekend. I hope the rest bring you reviews just as positive. It's funny how animals get so attached - it works both ways though. :-)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Lauren!! I'm glad you like it. :)

Sue you are so right. I thought about them all weekend. :) Thanks so much!!

Gardeningbren said...

You have been terrifically busy and of course, as a user of your product, I can attest to how wonderful it is. Not surprised by the high sales volume at all. Am surprised the venue was not heated where you were set up.

Loved your photos and the 'image' of the clinging Oliver and Emerson ;-)

daisy g said...

Wow! Things are really taking off for you! And I can see why, I adore all of the products I've gotten. How wonderful that you are providing folks with a safe alternative to commercial products. Bring on the candles! Continued blessings...

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Sounds like you've been killing it at the craft shows lately! I'm so happy for you. The coop girls sure do lay some beautiful eggs. I want a blue egg layer so bad!