the barn

J's shop and the coop

shrubs covered to protect them from the snow

J snowblowing

Emerson dashing through the snow

Oliver waiting to please go inside

the coop

the Coop Girls not wanting to walk in the snow

As you can see from the photos, this post is all about snow. 

We had an extremely cold day yesterday with highs reaching 8 degrees.  The Coop Girls, despite their desperate plea, were left inside with their heaters running.  They wouldn't have gone outside anyway, they juts like to have options.

Yesterday was our last craft show of 2013 and we did pretty good despite the rumor that the snow would begin around noon.  It actually began around 4p.m.  Because of the prediction, the show was busy in the morning and slow in the afternoon.  We had customers return after having bought some of our products when we were at that location a few weeks back because they loved them and wanted more.  It was wonderful to hear.  And the highlight of the show was a re-connection with a couple we met through our blog 4 years ago.  They had come out to see our Coop way back then and we hadn't seen each other since.  They've been busy building their new {beautiful!} homestead but took time to come out to the show.  It was fantastic!

Speaking of products, I had sent the deodorant I formulated out to all the members of our product test team.  We love it but wanted to make sure others felt it was good before going forward with selling it.  Guess what?  It's a hit!  Those that have tried it love it.  Comments have included that it's smooth, smells nice, masks any sweaty odor and feels good on the skin.  I am currently filling advance orders but once those have been filled it will be listed on Etsy.

As I mentioned, the snow began around 4pm last night and stopped late morning.  We received just over a foot.  When I got up this morning I shoveled a small path for the dogs.  Oliver was not happy at all with the restricted room for doing his business but Emerson, who absolutely loves snow, jumped into the un-shoveled sections and began porpoising through.  He was so excited.  He was doing circles over and over until he was exhausted.  He did his number two then was ready to get his bunnies warmed up by the stove.

We came in, had a hot breakfast, then began the task of removing the snow from the driveway, roof, and making paths to the out buildings.  The Coop Girls ended up with snow blown into their outdoor coop and, well, let's just say they were less than impressed.  They are not fond of snow.

I have Mustard-Crusted Guinness Beef Short Ribs in the crock-pot for dinner and I'm about to go make another hot coffee for J and I to enjoy with a Triple Peanut Butter Cookie {so addictive!}.

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!


Reifyn said...

I think Emerson likes the snow because he's a snow-colour himself, and because he knows he'll have the best spot next to the stove when he gets in. He's up to his chin in that snow, but he loves it. It looks beautiful there, with the red workshop standing out like that. How to do you heat the chicken coop?

Our Neck of the Woods said...

You really did get a good snow! It looks very pretty! The photos with J's shop are festive and perfect for Christmas :) Emerson looks so cute in the snow, too!

How awesome that you had return customers at your craft fair. I hope they keep buying from you in the future, too!

Mary said...

Such wintry, festive, beautiful photos! Emerson and Oliver are adorable! :)

Joleen said...

Beautiful photos - they look like beautiful Christmas cards. Keep warm and happy and safe.

Cindy said...

Those shortribs sound so good!Recipe?

Trish said...

I'm glad to hear you are all doing well! Your farm looks beautiful and festive!! And I love seeing those doggies! I'd love to try some of your deodorant! Will you be posting a note when it's available in your shop?

daisy g said...

How great that you met up again with long-lost friends. I love that the coop is decorated for Christmas. Enjoy your week!

Mary said...

Each of your snowy pictures looks like a Christmas card! Beautiful. We got slush, but at least the sun finally came out yesterday. It's been gloomy for so long. Trying to get my house "Christmas" clean, but there's so much mud. We're having spring-like levels of mud now, can only imagine what March will bring. Oliver and Emerson look too adorable in snow. Now I wish we'd built a red barn. Yours looks so festive.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks for all your comments!
Reifyn - we have flat panel heaters for the coop. We only use them when temps are below 10 degrees. Their body heat keeps them warm enough but, we like to make them a little more comfortable. :)
Thanks so much Tammy, Mary and Joleen!
Cindy - yes, recipe coming soon. :)
Trish - absolutely! I'll be posting updates soon.
Daisy- isn't that the best? It was such a nice surprise.
Mary - boy do I understand about mud. Before this snow it was a mess. Now we've got layers of snow covering the mud. :)

Sue Frelick said...

Oh, golly, I'm late for the party! I don't know how I missed this post. I absolutely lover your red out buildings and the chicken coop is dear. And there's lots and lots of snow! I hope it stays until Christmas for you.