Weather Forecast: Chance Of Rain

The weather forecast last night was for a chance of rain.
Hmmm.....I heard plow trucks at 4:30am.
I thought maybe the roads were icy because of the "rain".
This is what we all woke up to.

White "rain".

The Coop Girls got ready to step out and then said whoa!!!
Their brakes went on and they peered from the coop.
No thanks - most of them decided.

Emerson, once again, assumed his prayers came true.
Oh how the boy loves snow.
Snow and sand, actually.
Oliver, not so much.

Oliver and Emerson have the right idea.
Stay next to the pellet stove.

Here's hoping if you are getting rain, it doesn't look quite as white as ours!

Happy Thursday friends.


Creatively Country said...

Lovely pictures of the snow today! I have a question which is somewhat realted to your post because of the pictures! I see that your chickens are outside I was wondering if you have a general guideline for what temperatures/conditions you let them out in or do you let them out everyday all winter? Cheers thanks!

Anonymous said...

beautiful Staci!

With the warm weather here Matt and I are CRAVING snow! maybe we need to visit you!

Unknown said...

Oh what gorgeous photos!

Your pups are adorable and your land and home look so stunning.

We've had a bizarre winter thus far. Snow. Freezing cold temperatures, then rain, then freezing cold temperatures. The roads are a mess.

Wishing you a lovely day!

Kim said...

Your farm looks so pretty covered in snow.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all!
Creatively Country - yes, we do not let them out when the temp's are in the single digits. They actually risk frostbite on their combs in any temp's below freezing but a little Vaseline on the combs helps prevent that.

Lauren - I just made scones and I'll put the tea on. Come on over!! :)

Jennifer and Kim - thank you so much!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

These are such beautiful photos, Staci! Really showcases the snow so well. I love the coop girls being hesitant to come out of the coop. I've seen that pause before :) I bet Emerson is one happy pup today!

daisy g said...

The boys have the best seat in the house! Your farm looks magical.

Simply At Home said...

love the white cute.
Breathe taking beautiful ~ God's way of saying..slow down ~ be still.

Beautiful photos and home.

Suzie Simplelife said...

Staci....we would be glad of some of that snow here....I live in Australia and in Victoria we are having a heatwave...has been in the 40's (celsius) all week...hottest week here in 100 poor chooks are so hot I am hosing them down...44 deg today...just looking at your pictures cools me down.

Meredith said...

The last picture of your guys by the stove just made want to sit down next to them and enjoy the heat.
And maybe put on a pair of those obviously warm boots.
I wonder what Jackson thinks of the snow.....

September Violets said...

I would much rather a pretty layer of snow than rain ... much more magical & glittery! We had a heavy dusting last night too, but there's a definite feel of early spring in the air. Your dogs are very cute. My dog loves snow and I think prefers a wintery day over a hot summery one. Have a great weekend! Wendy x

Anonymous said...

Staci - your photos of white rain (ha) are so beautiful, they almost make me want to have some snow. The fur babies have right idea, curled up next to a warm stove. Stay warm. xo kim