snowy day

poor Azalea bush covered in snow



craft room

herbs ready to be used in salves, balms and teas

There is a theme for this weekend and that is "cold".  It started last week, with temp's barely above zero and then, the end of the week left us with lows in the negative digits and high's right around zero.  It's been cold. Cold and snowy.  The snow blower is getting good use this year.

Friday, J decided to shut down the pellet stove and vacuum it out.  It's been running all week long without a good cleaning and he decided it couldn't wait any longer.  Oliver is not a fan of the very noisy shop vac and when it started out he took his anger out on Jack.  Jack loves any form of attention and was very excited at Oliver pouncing on him and barking at him.  All the excitement provoked Emerson who, despite being tired, decided it was time to run.  The three of them ran from the room the pellet stove is in into the kitchen where I was doing dishes, three wide, then they were headed for the dining room.  Hmmmm..... the doorway will only allow for two wide but no one backed off.  "Pow!" was the noise I heard when Jack ran right into the wall.  He didn't even slow down for the impact.  Nope - he was so excited that his big brothers were playing with him that he took one for the team.

Oliver and Emerson stood in the dining room perplexed.  They had somehow lost Jack.  Jack was picking himself up, shaking off the pain of his head ramming into the wall, and now walking, rather than running, into the dining room.  The fun was over.

Sunday the fun truly was over.  Our furnace went out.  Thank goodness for the pellet stove, however, a few of our rooms are a tad chilly.  It's an old house and definitely not energy efficient.  I just can't see paying for an emergency call when we have the pellet stove so I've convinced J to wait until Monday.  He tried all morning to figure it out but is stumped.

We were supposed to receive rain and then a rain/snow/sleet mix but so far, knock-on-wood, we haven't seen any of it.  I'll be very happy to have it pass us by.

I've been receiving my seed catalogs in the mail for the last 3 weeks and planning the Spring garden.  Don't they make you want to buy one of everything?  I might try my hand at growing beans used as dried beans this year and maybe fava's too.  I'm going to use the flower beds in addition to the garden, to plant some of the veggies.  I'm hoping this will help avoid some of the pests.  Since I've dealt with squash bugs in the past, all the squash might just be moved to the front yard.  I want to try a nice big patch of corn, in hopes of it not being destroyed by windstorms this year, so moving the squash will make room for that.

The Oatmeal Bread in the oven is just about done which means I must go make dinner.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Reifyn said...

I see all these beautiful pictures of snow in the North where I hope to move back to sometime this year, and it makes me sad. Where I'm at it's unusually warm--and no sign of clouds even. Imagine what the summer will be like? The poor cat, ramming the wall like that. Is he an Aries, I wonder? You're fortunate to have that pellet stove so you can stay warm even if the furnace doesn't work just now. Many people have been without any heating over the holidays. I can smell the bread baking from here.

daisy g said...

Ooooh, poor Jack. Hope he's okay.

So, did you and J put a mattress on the floor by the pellet stove and camp out? Hope the furnace isn't too much.
Check out the pix from Farm School today, that should warm you up! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack, Betsy sends her best wishes. Love the photos, especially the craft room view. Our old drafty house is really showing the age this year, chimney is crumbling and the roof is leaking. Ah the joys of living in an old farm house - wouldn't trade it for anything!
Oatmeal bread - I'm on the way over!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Awww, poor Jack! He just wanted to play. Gizmo is like that and gets excited when the other cats pay attention to him. I hope Jack is ok!

I hope you get your furnace back up and running. At least you have the pellet stove for now! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are staying warm! Wishing you a quick furnace recovery :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Rural snow is a whole different creature from city snow...*sigh

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much all! Reifyn - he could be an Aries. We know he was born in March and although we celebrate his birthday around the 14th who knows, it could have been the end of the month!

Camille - so true. I didn't think of that until you wrote it. :)

Snooks said...

Sounds like you guys had quite a weekend last weekend. The pictures are beautiful. The snow makes everything look different. Glad you had your pellet stove to stay warm with. We have a wood stove and that is how we heat our home with the aid of a couple Eden Pure heaters. Works just fine and the heat from the wood stove feels so good. Stay warm Staci.

@3Beeze Homestead