Jackson - Cat? Dog With Super Powers?

Jack has taken to standing on us in the middle of the night.  That's it - just standing.  I have no idea why, he doesn't seem to want anything, he just stands.  Whether I'm on my back or lying on my front doesn't seem to matter.  He'll stand on J, then come over and stand on me.  He is not the most graceful of cats, and has bad balance, so while he's standing on you he's rocking back and forth the entire time.  Not so funny at 2a.m.

As you all know, Jack is his own kind of guy.  A guy who doesn't seem to know he's a cat.  He thinks of himself as a dog.  A dog with super powers if you will.  His brothers, French Bulldogs, don't have the ability to jump on top of counters and tables but Jack does.  He's a French Bulldog/Maine Coon mix with super powers!

Jack is very outgoing and believes that anyone who comes to our home is here to see him.  He's not shy about it either, he sticks by any visitors side, gets in their face, and in general, wants to let them know they are his friend.  The cable guy who came out last year to replace our modem thought he acted like a dog.  He kept remarking "I can't believe how big of a helper you are!" and "He's a really cool cat".  Jack was so happy.  There's others, however, that are either allergic to cats or just aren't cat people {Jack thinks I'm lying about this - he can't believe there are people who don't like cats!} and in those instances, we politely excuse him to the upstairs.

Jack once had the pleasure of getting to know a dog trainer.  He, of course, thought she was here to see him.   He was thrilled to be her student!  We had decided to try and get help with Oliver's barking and training both he and Emerson on the leash.  This woman came to our house with the intent to do just that.  It was apparent from the moment she came in she wasn't fond of cats.  I get it - Jack, however, doesn't get it.  This cat-dog with super powers has a mission.  To make sure all people like cats {and cat-dogs}.

He was in her face immediately, looking lovingly into her eyes, purring, circling, anything he could to try and win her over.  She tried staying away from him but he's Jack - he doesn't allow it.  I asked if she wanted me to remove him and she said no, he was ok.  I laughed secretly inside, knowing she thought he would give up.

She wanted to go over the dog's bad habits.  She couldn't believe we only needed to work on 2 things, so she went through a checklist:

Do they go through the trash, like the bathroom trash?
Nope - that's Jack.
Who's Jack?
The cat, I pointed.
I don't work with cats, she said matter of factly.
I know, I responded.

Do they get into things they aren't supposed to - food, etc?
Nope - just Jack.
The cat?
I nodded.
She looked annoyed.

How about darting for the door when it opens?
I started to say "no" but she cut me off and said "let me guess, Jack"?
We nodded.
I thought of telling her how Jack steals money, but I quickly realized she wouldn't appreciate or find amusing the funny stories of finding him taking off with money out of my sister-in-law's handbag, or finding his 2 stash's of stolen money that he had taken from J and I, and opted instead to keep the stories to myself.

Are they afraid of anything?  Do they bark at anything specific? She asked.
Oliver does not like white vans, big trucks going down the side road or the vacuum cleaner.
Emerson is afraid of you putting your hands near him if anything other than food is in your hands.
And Jack?  she sarcastically inquired.
Aluminum foil, pellet bags, thunder, and when his food bowl is empty.  He doesn't bark though, I joked.
She didn't laugh.

She opted to deal with Oliver's deep-seeded anger toward the vacuum cleaner.
This was a mistake on her part as it ended up exhausting her and being an epic failure.
He and the vacuum are still at odds.

To her credit, she did help with the other 2 issues, although 1 seemed to be temporary.
One of the issues with Oliver is when either J or I leave in our vehicle, he runs through the house barking like a madman.  She had us put a cloth leash on him when one of us leaves, and leave it, laying on the ground attached to his collar.  He hated it.  It worked for about a month.  Then he got used to it and realized if he ran fast enough with it on he could get it flying in the air, kind of like a cape.  Actually, just like a super hero cape.  I live in a house filled with animals who believe they are super hero's.

But I digress.  The entire time she was working with the dogs, Jack would gaze up at her and try to get some attention.  He continued his lovey-dovey antics following her wherever she went and looking very attentive.

By the end of the session, exhausted by Oliver's crazy vacuum cleaner antics, despite everything she tried, she finally gave in.  "He's quite a guy" she said, not quite as annoyed as she was initially, nodding toward Jack.

We both said "we know".

After she left I congratulated Jack since his perseverance seemed to pay off.  She seemed to soften up to him a bit.  He smiled back, very proud of himself.

So, I'm not sure how to answer the title question.  All I know is he is a very funny guy full of personality and crazy antics.  And there's no telling what his next trick will be.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post! What a great way to start a friday. Cats are the best :)

PS-our cat potty training adventure is going well!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

That made me laugh out loud and made my day! Cathy

Jo's World said...

These stories would make a great book, kids and adults would both love it. I think they are hysterical!


Liz said...

Another great tale from the stories of Jack! You could write one great book! He is the best!!! lol...

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I am cracking up! Jack is such a character. I love cats so I think Jack and I would be fast friends.

The first part of the story made me laugh because last night I woke up at 3:30 am to Gizmo standing on my chest! He's never done that before, so I hope it doesn't become a new thing with him. Cats are so weird!

The Little Acre that Could said...

Haha! Oh, my! This made me laugh out loud. :-) Very funny...even the story about standing on you at 2am, which probably isn't very funny at your end, but trust me. It was funny to me. :-)

September Violets said...

Gosh, Jack sounds like one in a million! I especially liked the interview with the dog trainer ... I feel kind of sorry for her to be up against such a challenge as Jack. That's a great photo of Jack, and it looks like he knows he's lookin' good :) Wendy x

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Great post! I was laughing out loud while reading it and my daughter is looking at my like I've lost my ever lovin' mind but that's ok! Thanks for the chuckle! I needed it!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thank you all. Yes indeed, he's something else. I can't imagine life without him!! :)

Kimberly Morris said...

Jack sounds just like my Wille, a total cat/dog whose goal in life was to make love not war. All cats are special but some are extra special.

Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

So much personality! Loved the story :)

Natalie said...

Absolutely in love with Jack. What an awesome character! :)