gifts from the coop girls

more snow

roof icicles

the uncovered outdoor pen

some unhappy ladies

Little Lizzie


an exhausted Oliver

Jack begging for more hairball med's

Oliver and Emerson 

handmade soap!

It's been a strange weekend - Saturday felt like Sunday, Sunday feels like, well, I'm not sure.  Isn't it funny how sometimes this happens?

We received about another foot of snow Thursday into Friday.  The local weatherman said we're at 62.4 inches of snow so far this winter and I believe he said that's about 21 inches more than our "typical" winter.  Although what's typical anymore???

The Coop Girls are so fed up I believe they've been trying to locate a new family to move in with down in Florida.  If they could fly I'm sure they'd be trying that fly south thing.  Lucky for me, they fly very clumsily and are not good at distance.   Every morning that I open up the door and they spot that bright white snow I swear I hear a collective "ugh.....".  When I opened the door Friday morning and it was still a bit snowy, they were so upset.  I tried smoothing it over with goodies - warm rice with milk and blueberries.  They ate it quite happily but then went back to ranting and raving.  Poor things.

We bought another ton of pellets this weekend to stock up for the remainder of winter.  We'll probably go through another 1 1/2 tons before spring arrives.

Saturday morning Jack had me laughing {as you know, this is not unusual}.  I was eating breakfast and gave both Oliver and Emerson a lick of egg yolk off of my finger.  Jack, of course thinking he's a dog, came running in and waited for his lick of egg yolk.  He licked my finger then took off running around the house.  Just to see if he would do it again, I gave Oliver and Emerson a bit more.  Sure enough, Jack galloped {he really does gallop - it's hilarious} to me and sat waiting.  I offered him a bit more which he happily took then ran off again.  Just one of the boys he is!

Speaking of Jack, he's taken to stalking me.  It all started Saturday afternoon.  I had picked up some hairball medicine for him from his favorite doctor and it was tuna flavored.  I set the tube on the kitchen counter and immediately forgot all about it.  Jack just knew there was something new in the house and he needed to investigate.  Immediately.  On the counter he went.  I kicked him off.  Back on the counter for him.  I, again, kicked him off.  Finally, after realizing he would not let it go, I opened the tube.  He smelled it cautiously then looked at me.  He wasn't going to take any.  I put some on my finger.  Ummm....no thanks.  He was suspicious since he was the only one being offered this strange concoction.  I opened his mouth and put it on his tongue.

He walked around the house smacking.  Room to room, "smack-smack-smack", "smack-smack-smack".  Up on his stool "smack-smack-smack".  He went over to Oliver and Emerson who insisted on licking his face to try and get any bits of the yummy smelling tuna paste "smack-smack-smack".  When he was finally done smacking his lips, he jumped back up on the counter, and tried to get more.  I kicked him off.  Back up he went.  I hid the tube in the cupboard.  He now follows me everywhere.  Even when I can't see him he'll suddenly jump out of nowhere if I even look like I might be heading for the kitchen.

Lastly, we are having a soap sale in the Etsy shop.  If you're interested in stocking up on soap or just trying some different scents, they are buy 3, get 1 free this week.

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend {and not being stalked by a cat....or a cat-dog}!


Liz said...

I know we are all so tired of the snow, but your farm does look really pretty blanketed in the white stuff, again!! lol... that Jack!

Natalie said...

I definitely can relate to the Coop Girls. I let out a little "ugh" when I look out and see the white stuff too. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I couldn't agree more with the Coop Girls, I love the snow, but have to admit I'm a little worn out not by it but more by the cold this year.

I enjoyed hearing about Jack--Its been a long time since I was stalked by a cat, but our foster kitten Dale has taken to jumping on my shoulder, does that count? :-)

daisy g said...

Those boys sure keep you entertained, don't they?

Your farm looks so picturesque! Lovely, even if the girls are tired of all the snow. It won't be long ladies!

Unknown said...

I know that look on your chickens faces, ours finally was able to get out of the coop yesterday! They were so happy to spread their wings!!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all! Sue- happy to hear yours were finally able to escape the coop. :)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I just love your Jack stories! He is too funny. Never a dull moment with him around, huh? :)

You guys really are buried in snow! It's crazy how much you've had so far this season.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the coop girls - over it! Jack stalking you is hilarious, I have a bit of that going on in my house too. As always your photos are beautiful.

Mary said...

What a character your Jackson is. My dogs are crazy for egg too. I think they realize that a little bite of egg often comes with a little bite of turkey bacon.
Your snow pics are beautiful. Our big snow was followed by a big rain, and we have had three of those little clipper snows since. I hear it will be in the fifties by the end of the and I am soooo ready! Tired of muddy paws and hooves.

luckybunny said...

Beautiful pictures. The story about the tuna flavored hair med was cute. :)