Oliver and Emerson
Coop Girl Sarah / icy walkways

chopping veg

Chicken Pot Pie - recipe coming!

Caity Bug

Coop Girls Big Allie and Emma brave the ice / a driveway of ice

Coop Girl Hattie

escapee Coop Girl Stephanie

Friday we woke up to wet, heavy snow on the ground.  The temp's were right at freezing so we were quite flooded since the ground was frozen.  Saturday morning the entire property was a sheet of ice.  There are just some things that are inevitable in winter - cold and ice.

Our barn Christmas wreath still hangs proudly on the front of the barn.  No, it's not because we're too lazy to remove it.  Nope, not because we long for Christmas to come back.  The reason it's still up is that a cute little bird has chosen to ride out the winter in the middle of the wreath.  So happy it's a fake one so it can continue to provide a good home to the sweet thing.

We lost Coop Girl Stephanie on Friday.  If you remember, a couple of months back we were having issues with the newer bantam hens letting themselves out of the coop.  Actually, on two of them - Deb and Danielle.  Trouble makers.  There is a small hole in the netting over the uncovered outdoor coop that allows us to get from one pen to the other.  They were able to fly straight up and out of the small hole.  The only problem was, they had no idea how to get back in.  So, typically, once they got out they would stay right next to the run that the other girls were in because they usually travel in a pack.

Friday J was working and I was running errands for the first part of the day.  So, the girls were left in the coop.  The second part of the day was rainy, so, the girls stayed in the coop.  When J went to lock them up Friday night we were missing one.  Stephanie was missing.  We couldn't see any tracks in the snow showing where she'd gone.  We checked all the trees - nothing.  Saturday morning while we were shoveling ice the girls were let out.  We thought between our shoveling and the girls chatting maybe she'd make her way back.  Nope.  The girls were put back in so J could remove the snow from their roof.  That's when she made her appearance.  She was on the neighbors property in one of his trees.  Long story short, she's home now.  She's missing feathers from her head but she's fine.  She refuses to tell us about her night.

Speaking of our crazy crew, Jack decided to help me put groceries away on Friday.  Typically he doesn't help with this task but lucky me, he decided to pitch in.  It went like this "Jack, no, those are not your potatoes.  Please don't push them on the floor."  "Jackie, please get out of that bag - there's food in it."  "Jack, thank you but really, I can do this on my own."  "Jack, those are not your bananas, please don't chew on the peel."  And on and on and on.  After all that help he had to take a nap, so back up to his bed he went.

I turned the dining room light on Friday to take photos of Jack and Cait {Friday's "Jack-a-licious" photo and the one above of Cait}.  From the dining room I went to switch the laundry out.  When I was walking back through it smelled faintly of something burning.  Almost electrical.  I walked around, trying to figure out where it was coming from.  Would you like to know what it was?  I laughed when I realized it was the dust burning on the dining room light bulbs.  We very rarely turn the dining room light on so, I guess, the bulbs need a bit of a cleaning......

I don't know what's on the agenda for today.  This morning it's back to ice again but it should get to the 40's so, fingers crossed, more melts.  I do know I'll be making an apple pie from the apples we preserved in fall.  That should be mighty delicious!

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!


Flat Creek Farm said...

I always love your updates! So glad to hear your Stephanie is ok. Whew! And lol to the "cleaning" topic.. you are not the only one who needs to clean. My best excuse: I don't know where to begin :) let's just say it's been a loooong winter. Hope your warm-up continues. Our warmer temps are over again for now.. darn. But i'll be listenin' for chorus frogs and peepers soon :) have a great week!! -Tammy

Sue Frelick said...

Love the photo of the boys chillaxin' this weekend. I'm so glad that Stephanie was recovered. I wonder what pulled the feathers out of her head? Poor thing.

daisy g said...

That last shot of Oliver is priceless.

So glad your hen made her way back. What an ordeal! I still can't believe they venture out into that snow and ice!

Enjoy your apple pie. I have no doubt that it will be delicious. In fact, I think I can smell it from here. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh my gosh, I wonder what adventures Stephanie had while she was away! I'm so glad you found her. Phew! I love all your photos, especially Olive and Emerson of course. I really like Oliver in black & white. So cute!