7 of Jacksons Life Lessons

Jackson is no longer in the "terrible two's", his birthday is this month so he's now a big boy.  
With an identity crisis.
And at the ripe old age of 3 he feels he has a lot to share.
Here are some of the life lessons Jack has learned thus far.

  1. Cleared Counters = Cleared Mind  Jack doesn't believe in anything at all being on top of counters.  Anything.  Whether it be groceries, papers, pens, or food, it must be cleared off immediately.  This helps your mind from getting cluttered as well as entertains any brothers of the canine variety as they love chasing anything you clear.
  2. Stealing Money & Rubber Stamps From Your Family Is Called "Inheriting"   If you happen to "inherit" either of these items by finding them on counters, in handbags, or on shelves then you should move them immediately to one of your hoarding stash's.  This brings us to #3.
  3. Hoarding Of Important Items Is Good  Pick what's important to you and make sure to have many hidden stash's throughout the house.  If you hide any items under the couch and when you go to check on them you come out with a dust bunny attached to your whisker, just go on like nothing is wrong and your parents won't suspect a thing.  They'll think you're helping clean and thank you for your efforts.
  4. Keeping Your Siblings In Check Is Your Main Focus  They may not believe they need your help but they do.
  5. Get A Lot Of Sleep But Also Play Hard  These two things truly go hand-in-hand.
  6. Practice The Law Of Attraction  What you think about is what you'll get.  If you want attention and everyone is sleeping then biting, scratching and meowing while wishing for attention will get you a lot of attention.  Also, if you don't like cat treats and wish for dog treats, they'll appear.  If they don't, figure out how to get in the bag and help yourself.  It's still practicing the law of attraction - you attracted it.
  7. Being In Charge Of Everyone and Everything Is A Thankless Job But Is A Necessity  Your family won't say thank you when you shove your head in an open jar to check out the contents, or when you hit your sister because she's sitting on your chair but it's truly the only way to make sure the household runs smooth.  They are secretly thankful inside.

And here's a few of our favorite photos of the handsome boy.....


ANNE said...

Ridiculously funny photos! and a great list to live by.

Thanks for the laughs!

Angie said...

Incredibly cute post, this one really had me laughing aloud.

The Little Acre that Could said...

I love your humour, Staci. I'm smiling at Jack's list of life lessons, but you know, there is a lot of wisdom there!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh how I love this post! Jack is my favorite internet animal buddy haha. He was such a cute kitten, oh my goodness. He has learned a lot in his three years! He needs to come over and teach Gizmo a thing or two haha. Gizmo is definitely with him on #1. Gets pretty annoying! I love his box with the no girls on the front. Too cute :)

Diane said...

Jackson would be such a hoot to live with on a daily basis. I had no idea you still visited my blog. Thanks for stopping in.

Kat said...

Love it! LOL Your Jackson and our Siddo should get together for a play (snooze?) date. Wait...maybe not. Despite the lack of thumbs, that might just be too dangerous for the rest of the world.

September Violets said...

This cat sure knows a lot about life! What a great character, and he's just 3?! Amazing ;) I can see he keeps his entire family in line ... or at least on your toes! Wendy x

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!! May you continue to be the funniest feline ever!

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

You're so clever!

gypsyelves said...

Great list! I have the canine version of Jackson, a long-hair miniature Dachshund named Schnitzel. Oh my, he is a character, just like your fella!