Quick Blogger How-To: How To Add To Your Sidebar And Bypass The Title

If you use blogger, you may have noticed recently the requirement of adding a title if you would like to add a photo or text to your sidebar. 
What if you don't want a title??? 
Super frustrating.....
Thankfully, the way around that is easy-peasy.
In the title field type:

{when you actually type it, the 2 lines will go together to look like one large line}
Add your photo or text.
Hit "save".
It will leave a blank title field once you publish the item on your sidebar.
Ta da!

**If you ever edit a sidebar item it will delete the above code, so make sure you write it down somewhere.  :-)**


Kathi said...

Thank you for this tip. I've run into that scenario... but I hadn't even realized it was when I added a photo, I just knew that "sometimes I had to put a title and sometimes I didn't." My solution was to just put a "." in the title field, but I'm glad to know I can use your tip and have a blank space. :-)

Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

beth said...

I just edited my sidebar and was frustrated that I had to put a title, so THANKS!

beth at brownsparrowstudio

Laurel Stephens said...

Thank you!